Xi’an: Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy

or why we are practicing martial arts.


The Jao Changjun Martial Arts Academy

One of the main reasons why we came to China, and stayed here for one year, is our passion for practicing martial arts. And in China we can practice Kung Fu with real and excellent teachers. After an extensive and long search, we found a school in south of Xi’an.

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - School Gate

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – School Gate



The academy was founded by multiple (tenfold) champion of China Zhao Chang Jun in year 1991. Today the master lives and teaches in USA and visit the school once a year.

Zhao Changjun

Zhao Changjun

The school occupies quite a large territory. In the past, 20 years ago, this was a good and quiet area outside of the city. But now the school is surrounded by construction of high rise buildings. They are like giants, which are coming from all sides with their huge shadows.

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - New construction near school

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – New construction near school

Today schools counts about 500 children. They live, exercise and learn basic subjects, without leaving the school for months. The school has several training rooms, student housing, classrooms and dining room. Of course everything is made in chinese style. There are no conditioners, only one public shower that opens once a week, smelly toilets, etc. But it looks like that this doesn’t bother much all the students.


Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - Schoolyard

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – Schoolyard


When we came to the school for the first time, the staff was very friendly, but no one could speak English. Then they were happy to send us to thin young Chinese man, who could understand our language.

Here we must write about him separately.

Our coach: Master Ma Chao


Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - Ma Chao

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – Ma Chao


His name is Ma Chao, but we call him simply MaCho. He was born in a Muslim family in Xi’an (yes, Xi’an has a Muslim community of about 50,000 people). MaCho trained wushu from age 6, first in this school, and later he moved to Beijing team. He was twice the champion of China in wushu in years 2002 and 2003.

MaCho also worked 5 years in Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, coached in United States and Europe,  and traveled a lot.
Two years ago he came back to China, and now he works as coach in the school, where he started his way.

Here is a short video about Master Ma Chao

We started to train in his group, and we’ve found out that he is very good coach and very good person too. He repeatedly and willingly helped us in various issues, such as renting an apartment etc.

The children


Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy- Kids stretching

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy- Kids stretching

We usually train with small group of children from six to eleven years old. Some of them are really good. Their movements are fast, accurate and strong.  We call them “little champions”.

Watch the training of one little champion.

As we practice with children, we can see how strong a child’s body can be. They have daily workout twice a day for three and half hours, five days a week, and one training in Saturday morning.  One thing amazes us again and again. When the training is over and we drag our feet home, kids continue to run one after another in the school yard, jump and shout.

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - The Youngest Student - 6 years old

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – The Youngest Student – 6 years old

After 3 hours of training, our energy comes to the end and we barely can move.  But children complete their training by exercise for abdominal muscles, or wheel, or jumping on the spot. Workout ends and children happily run away, as we shamble home.

Why do we do this?

So, the question can be asked: Why do we do this? The answer is simple.

Because it is fun, keeps the body in good condition and simply beautiful art. 10 years ago we fell in love with kung fu and this is our third visit to China for this reason. Sometimes we become desperate, and we tell to ourselves, that we will never move like chinese masters do. But we continue because it is our passion and we like to train with great masters like Ma Chao or our Tai Chi coach Master Li.

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy - Tun practicing  Tai Chi with Master Li

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy – Tun practicing TaiChi with Master Li

The facts:

Some information about the school can be found here:



We pay 100 RMB per person per lesson in the school (it about 3-3.5 hours).
We also take Tai Chi lessons (Chen Style) once a week. The price is also 100 RMB per person per hour.

How to get there:

Xi’an metro line 2,  Hui Zhan Zhong Xin会展中心 station, now is last station on south, exit A.
Then pass to bus station near KTV, take a bus number 408, get off on the 3rd stop.
Or take a taxi. From metro station to the school price is about 8 RMB. You can show to a driver this photo with
the name of the school.

Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy



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9 Responses to Xi’an: Zhao Changjun Martial Arts Academy

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  3. Martial arts are considered “dangerous”, so many kids are told to stay away from them. Always look at what values the teacher has. Thanks!

  4. We can say that it is “dangerous” not to practice martial arts.
    As they are beneficial for physical and mental health of the children.
    From our experience of course :)

  5. Thanks for the outsiders point of view on this school. My son is currently 14 but looks forward to training in China when he graduates at 18. We were looking for a place that is affordable and has 3 to 6 month options with everything included, Room, food, etc.

    The little champion workout video is killer. Shared that on our facebook page.

    • Hi Tim,

      If you would go now, we have the Ma Chao contact details.
      Ma Chao has his own school now with everything included.

      If you decide to go to Xi’an to train with him, let us know.

      Thank you

  6. i was there in the end of the year 2002.
    it was a very good experience. the teachers were very good
    and the classes in very good structures. at this time the
    strangers spend there time in a separate class so it was more
    time to learn from each teacher. i was ill too and the crew
    helped me with medicine so they always were watching that we were
    in a good condition. the food very good too. the room too.
    i dont know how it is today but how i saw 10 years ago it was
    very good organised and ive learnd much of wushu.
    thank you again zao changjun and your crew mrs.lee and mr. wang
    hope you all are fine in xian
    good luck
    claudio from switzerland

  7. Dear people, please someone help me. I will be in Xi An 3 and 4 december 2013 for a job, but i have time in the evening for have martial arts class. for me is like a drug, is like a air, i can t live without. I know are only two days but will be a good experience for me to try a learn martial arts in other country. Thanks for help me, i live in Italy

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