Winter Sunshine – Time To Get Away

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Monday mornings are never good. Particularly cold, dark wet January Monday mornings. As a fan of ‘seasons’ I have been hoping for snow for most of the winter, but have so far been sadly disappointed.

I had thought that as we had (by our standards) a reasonably warm and pleasant summer, it would be followed by the traditional sub- zero winter cool down and lots of the lovely white stuff. Sadly, that hasn’t happened. Instead we have had the kind of rainfall normally associated with monsoon season or a tropical rainforest mixed with cold winds and shivering temperatures.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of weather, but 12 months of virtually never ending drizzle just doesn’t cut it for me.

My husband and I often talk about how each season is just long enough for you to forget what the next one will be like, but the past year has seemed like one long shower occasionally punctuated by the sun, and spring seems a long hard slog away.

So feeling the need for some sun on my bones, or even just a cessation of the rain and a change of scene, I start scanning for a holiday break.

The beauty of having children that have all grown up is that we get to go on holiday during term time and so can take advantage of the drop in prices that usually follows. Rather than book holidays well in advance, I am really more of a spontaneous type of girl and this is usually good as far as last minute deals are concerned.

Going on holiday out of season also means that you get to meet the locals in a more relaxed setting, free of the hustle and bustle of families ushering children to various activities and doing their best to prevent them from becoming bored and troublesome.

Of course you may sacrifice the soaring temperatures of July and August, but if I’m honest I am more of a fan of pleasantly warm than scorchio.

That’s why we often choose to go away during May when the Mediterranean is pleasantly warm and the hot summer sun hasn’t yet burned the landscape to a crisp. Similarly late September and October bring pleasant conditions and there is something very peaceful about the holiday season coming to an end with weary workers starting to pack up their sea front restaurants and attractions ready for the autumn. Everyone just stops trying so hard and that makes for an altogether more relaxed experience.

But winter sun, on a budget at this time of the year? I start surveying the various offers and am pleasantly surprised. Although the Canaries certainly holds an appeal, I really am in the mood for something a little adventurous.

I had thought Egypt would be way out of my price bracket, but I happen upon an 8 day Nile cruise for £760. This would allow us to see the wonderful landscape of Egypt and the pyramids whilst lazing away in comfort on the river, very Cleopatra. Better yet, the holiday was with an over 55 specialist and so we would be guaranteed an experience that would unfold at our pace and cater for our needs.

A few clicks here and there and a couple of questions answered by a very helpful actual person on the other end of the phone and we are all booked!

Now where did I put our passports?

Nicola Wilson is a self employed business advisor and recruitment specialist based in the UK currently working along side Travel 55. To contact Nicola please connect on LinkedIn.

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