Why You Should Consider ESL Teaching if You Dream of Long-term Travel


Those in search of an adventure abroad dream of a lifestyle that makes it possible to travel long-term. These aren’t the people who fear the idea of giving up their current job or home. Instead, these adventure-seekers are looking for something different than the daily grind. They want to explore the world, master a new language or two, and challenge themselves each and every day. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to consider ESL teaching to make it financially possible. Check out these 3 important facts to learn more about the benefits of teaching English abroad:


 1. Native speaking English teachers are in demand.

In countries like China, Brazil, India, and countless others, native speaking English teachers are in demand. Trained instructors, such as those featured in these teacher videos, have found opportunities in every corner of the world. Young people know they’ll get a strong return on investment when they dedicate themselves to learning English, and the number of schools and programs offering advanced English instruction has exploded. It many countries it is a part of the basic curriculum for first-year students, and, at the other end of the spectrum, adult learners of all ages are enrolling in classes in the pursuit of career and economic growth. The demand is greater than the supply.


2. You are likely qualified to become a certified teacher, even if you have no teaching background.


Nearly anyone can go through the training to become a certified ESL teacher, regardless of their current profession. Are you an accountant who’s tired of looking at numbers, or an HR manager who would love to say goodbye to all the paperwork and procedures? Even if you enjoy your current job and are just anxious to pursue long-term travel, few options can afford you the opportunities that come with training to be an ESL teacher.


 3. It’s a skill you can take with you and apply around the world.


Being able to teach English is a valuable skill that you can put to work nearly anywhere in the world. Whether you dream of living a simple life in a rural area or a cosmopolitan life in a major city, the chances are in your favor that, with some dedication and research, you’ll be able to find work. And most importantly to the worldwide traveler, you won’t be committed to just one location. You may choose to sign on with a school for a year, then move to a whole other continent for a stint as a private tutor. Wherever your wandering ways take you, your skills and certification will help you succeed in each new place.


If you’re intrigued about the idea of traveling long term, few occupations rival ESL teaching in terms of convenience and sheer possibility. Marry your native speaking capabilities with your determination to live abroad successfully, and you simply cannot go wrong. Good luck taking the leap towards a life of travel and excitement!



Dusty Fox writes on behalf of Language Trainers, which provides individually tailored language training on a one-on-one or small group basis worldwide.

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