White dreams in Sankt Anton

Our white dreams in Austrian ski resort of  St. Anton


Gadi and Tun in Sankt Anton

Gadi and Tun in Sankt Anton


Time has a strange character. Although we used to divide it to certain units of minutes, hours , days, and so on, everyone would agree, that  minutes are not all the same. Our perception of time varies depending on the circumstances. So  it was also, when we spent a week in St. Anton. But  was it only a week? By the intensity of it, it was much more or we can say, that the time has stopped there for a while. It was like we spent this week in a separate reality. Now when we got back ,  the memories about this reality are memories of a beautiful dream.

St Anton's street

St Anton’s street


So if to start by the order, we decided to continue our short trips to the ski resorts, to enjoy the views of snow-capped mountains and improve our skiing skills . This time the choice fell on the Austrian resort of St. Anton and we went there with a group of Israeli skiers on organized flight. Our guide was a young man, no more than 23 years old. He begun skiing from age of 4 and it seems the mountains and skiing captured his spirit. He got the job of his dreams, he is  living in the Alps , skiing and and even gets a small salary for this. Who would not envy…

ski lift

ski lift

Alpine resorts are distinguished by the number and variety of slopes , their complexity, convenience and of course by the program after skiing. In St. Anton slopes are considered more difficult and appropriate for experienced skiers. Everything is determined by the slope gradient shall, moreover, trails are not groomed like in Val Thorens, and most of them covered by small knolls. That’s why you will need better skiing skills if you go there. But this complexity also makes it more interesting and fun.

If you do not feel very confident with skiing or didn’t ski for long period of time, it is better to start with something more simple. In the area of St. Anton there are a few small ski resorts. We tried one of them called Lech. The slopes are much lighter, it is good for first day of skiing. Lech is more expensive though, and everyone assured us that it is very popular among the celebrities.  We spent a whole day there, but didn’t meet at least one celebrity.
Our guess is, that they were hiding in their chalets or hotels.

On a street of Lech

On a street of Lech

One day may be enough to restore the skills.St. Anton also has several quiet trails, like blue runs N5 and N8.  Blue N4 is also very quiet and runs through the beautiful valley. There is almost no wind and the slope gradient is very light, so for a few kilometres you can ski in very relaxed manner. Part of the routes N23 and N24 run between the tall pines and this creates beautiful views. On another side of valley of Sankt Anton one lift leads also to the easier slopes , where blue pistes are also nice and quiet. There is a nice park for lovers of ski jumps with different heights and degrees of complexity. Runs on this side enough for half or one day of skiing.

The wadi of route 4 blue

The view from above on blue route N4

Skiing off pistes is very popular in St. Anton. And all the slopes are marked with ski-prints of different shapes. Generally people on the slopes skiing with different level of skills, every one with his own speed, and everyone seems to be relaxed about it. You just need to be cautious and keep yourself from collisions with high speed runners.

 Some tips for beginners: First two days it is time for acclimatisation, take it easy, make a frequent rest breaks and eat good food to restore the energy.

Tun on the slopes

Tun on the slopes


Wear appropriate clothes, do not dress too warm. This puts additional strain on the body and you can’t to ski in relaxed way, if it is too hot. It is very important to wear ‘‘breathing’’ clothes. Of course it is better to buy clothes specifically intended for skiing and follow the instructions for its storage and washing, to preserve their quality.


Gadi with ski

Gadi after day of skiing


After skiing, go to a sauna. It’s very helpful, because heat removes all tension in the muscles , and it has a positive effect on skiing the following days.

St. Anton  has a wellness centre, which has a dry and wet saunas, and pools. Two pools are located outside, and it’s very nice to swim in hot water under falling snow, when large snowflakes falling from the sky and touch your body.



Another very important detail is good nutrition rich with calories. Here is our rating of restaurants in Sankt Anton. We noticed how many people eat fried potatoes and sausage or burger , we could not do that to our body , so we looked for the better options.

The restaurant steakhouse

The restaurant steakhouse

In the first place is a restaurant called “Steak house” , delicious , high quality dishes, … but very expensive.

The second place is restaurant “Fuhrmann Stube” – a very pleasant atmosphere ,good food and reasonable prices. Most of the times we ate here.

We were amazed to see people standing in line,waiting for the free table in this restaurant.

The restaurant Fuhrmann Stube

The restaurant Fuhrmann Stube


On the third place is Chinese restaurant. It is not expensive ( although compared to China it is astronomical prices ), and the food is really Chinese.

Chinese food again

Chinese food again


We checked couple another places, but didn’t find them as good as mentioned above.

You can also stock up on sandwiches to maintain energy during the day. In the supermarket they have a good selection of cheeses, vegetables, yogurts , bread.


Here we have to say a few words about Austrian beer. Dark and light, bottled and draft beer here just flows like a water. Instead of cola and other beverages people drink beer all the time ( perhaps it is even more useful according to the ingredients ). It is very tasty,  relaxing, and no signs of hangover , no symptoms of poisoning, like after some chinese beers.

Evening portion of beer

Young men carrying their evening portion of beer

All this combination of mountain air, lovely views , adrenaline skiing , food and a nice beer makes people happy. If you want to see many people celebrating life, constantly laughing, with fresh faces you must go to ski resort.

If you know some another restaurants in Sankt Anton, good bars, or you visited better ski resorts, we  will be glad to hear your impressions in comments.


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