Where and why you should use ferries in your travels

If you choose to visit a city surrounded by islands, believe us, the ferries are the best way to move around. During the history, the ferries were surely among the most popular ways of transport of people and goods. Ferries are the bridges that connected people for centuries. And they are also our favorite way of travelling.

The influence of ferries on the economy is really huge. Tourism and trade related services wouldn’t be so developed without this way of transport. Moreover, we all wouldn’t have amazing experiences in sailing with the ferries while waiting to explore new islands and new horizons.

You all heard of Hong Kong. If you want to explore more than just crowded city, then we strongly advice to go to the Sai Kung Island by the ferries, as it was a complete discovery for us. It is located on the east side of the New Territories.  Its rainforests, the ocean with amazing looking beaches takes you to the next level of traveling, if you are the nature lovers.  When we were traveling in Hong Kong,   we’ve discovered, that people there use ferries as simple busses. They chose to live on small quite islands, and arrive to their work on the mainland by ferries every morning. Using the ferries, we’ve also visited other islands near Hong-Kong, such as small and quite, but very amazing Lamma Island.


Sai Kung – Wong Shek Pier

One more beautiful city where we used ferries was Istanbul, Turkey. It is the only city in the world, which is located on two continents at the same time.  Parts of this amazing city are connected by the bridges and ferries and during the history and nowadays, without this type of transport this city wouldn’t be what it is today. Istanbul was an important trade center because of the specific and attractive position, and the economic growth was always in tie connection with this fast and safe transport within the city. Can you even imagine Istanbul without using “water roads”? You can take famous tour along the Bosporus, or again just use the ferries as regular bus, to move from one part of the city to another.

Istanbul Bosporus cruise – It is a must for all first-timers

Istanbul Bosporus cruise – It is a must for all first-timers


In Europe, the Netherlands is the first country on our mind when we think of the ferries, in terms of transportation solutions. If you have ever visited this country in Benelux, then you know how high the pressure on the Dutch roads is, so using the ferries are quicker and more convenient, than conventional roadway. At the moment, there are more than 240 ferry services operating in the Netherlands.

If you will go to the UK, there are very high chances that you will use P&O Ferries service. This company is definitely a leader in connecting UK with all its neighbors.

It’s so simple:  the ferries were and they are the future of transport or tourism. In common for the ferries in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, UK or in Turkey is definitely a great experience of travelling by water. While you travel in comfortable ferries, you can enjoy watching the place from perspective of sailors and fishermen.



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