Weird Homes Around the World


Permanent dwellings are thought to be one of the indicators of an advanced civilization. There are of course many people around the world that still live a nomadic lifestyle, but the ancient structures left behind by dead cultures are truly magnificent to behold.

In modern times, the importance of the home is still special, and some people have created astounding archeological works of art and have built some of the strangest homes ever conceived. Some people aren’t looking for your traditional home with a picket fence, a dutch door and a big tree in the front yard. Here is a countdown of what are some of the craziest looking houses from around the world:

5. Deaton Sculptured House, Colorado

This house is visible from the interstate highway when traveling through the Rocky Mountain of Colorado. It was designed and built in 1965 by a man named Charles Deaton and was featured in a Woody Allen film called Sleeper. Today it is an actual residence. Natives of Colorado say it looks like a house out of the children’s cartoon The Jetsons because of its high-up location and seashell-like appearance.

4. Bubble House, France


This home looks more like a hamster habitrail than a home. The house was designed using only curves instead of more typical straight lines. It was built in 1989 but looks as if it is what a science fiction illustrator from the 1920’s would have imagined a house from the future to look like.

3. Errante’s Guest House, Chile

This building was designed to resemble a house that is going to fall over at any second. The architect was inspired by seeing hurricane-damaged homes and built a house that looks dilapidated and unsafe. The effect is only an illusion, but it is still strange to look at.

2. Upside-down House, Germany

There are several houses that have been built completely upside down. One such house is in Germany. These houses are typically meant to be artistic installations rather than an actual residence. Everything inside the home is installed by bolting it to the floor, which is now of course the ceiling. Toilets, beds, kitchen appliances, and everything else a normal family would need is in the house but is a little out of reach.

1. The Winchester Mystery House, California

Probably one of the most famous and strangest homes is the Winchester Mansion in California. Built by the Sarah Winchester, widow of that man who made the Winchester Rifle, Mrs. Winchester believed it to be haunted. She was convinced that the spirits of all those who were killed by her husband’s guns would haunt her if the house were ever completed. As a result, the house is sprawling and sports several bizarre features including a door to nowhere and interior windows in the walls.

Changing the Ways Typical Homes Look

These homes are just a smattering of the world’s strangest residences. It is very likely that people will continue to create homes that are outside the box, so to speak. Although many of the custom homes that are listed above are completely unique to the world of architecture, they play an important role in expanding what is possible when it comes to building residences. The problems designers are forced to solve when creating these one-of-a-kind houses influences mainstream architecture. Plus, it is just plain fun to take a tour of these and other strange houses all over the world.

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