Val Thorens – the highest ski resort in Europe


Our favourite amusement during winter is skiing of course. Everyone who once tried it wants to repeat this adventure again and again. And the reason is not only in the breathtaking speed when you sliding down the mountain. But also in fabulous views of snow-capped mountains, charming European villages, tasty food and a general feeling of  joy and cheerfulness, that prevails in such places.

We want to tell you about Val Thorens – the beautiful French Alp’s ski resort, that we’ve visited recently. This is the highest ski resort in Europe. Together with other resorts of  Three Valleys, this ski area is huge. In Val Thorens the snow stays for the longest time and when in other ski resorts life fades, there are still a lot of tourists and bustling here.

In Val Thorens you can ski almost from the door of  your hotel. Streets of the town are located on a small hill. All you need to do is to walk a few meters to the descent, and then to roll straight to the lifts.


We rented a small apartment with a kitchen for about 250 euros per week. And it was good, clean and warm. And most important it had the bath tub in it. After the day of skiing we returned back to our apartment and relaxed our muscles in the hot water sitting in the bath. We did not have to go anywhere to eat. We ate  fresh meals, that we made by ourselves in a small hot kitchen. And then after the little rest we could go to the city for the walk. We must say, that we had a good appetites after skiing in cold air and we ate perhaps twice the amount of  the food than usual.


When we arrived we felt at first not too confident on the slopes. And skied only on blue routes, but very quickly the fears disappeared and on the third day we’ve tried the red routes. Slowly at first, and then faster .

Tun on the slopes

Tun on the slopes

We must say, that the european peaple know how to ski. Particularly pleasant was to look at he children, which were confidently rolling down the mountain without assistance. Also there were a lot of elder people in great shape, and they seemed like they have also been skiing since the childhood.

On the firsts days the sun was shining and the snow began to melt. And on the popular routes was formed the ice crust.  We’ve noticed that it is not very pleasant to ski on the ice. On the routes with fewer people, the snow was still soft. In general, it is good idea to avoid the crowded slopes. This way , you will have less chance that someone will crash into you in all his speed.

There were also magnificent days, when clouds fell on the pistes.  When on the descents we could see only about two to three meters forward.  And it became much warmer. The fog was creating the greenhouse effect covering the mountains. Everything looked very mysterious and beautiful.


The fog did not confused the people, and they continued to ski. And so did we.

One day  it snowed with very beautiful large flakes. At the night the snow had covered all the tracks. And we could here how machines cleared the tracks during the whole night.

Once we’ve even descended  on a black piste, but we did not like it. We are still not good enough to ski on blacks. We are just an advanced beginners.

Gadi - a little break between the pistes

Gadi – a little break between the pistes in the fog


In the evening we went a couple of times to the local sauna. It helps to relax the muscles after skiing, especially after the first days, when we strained our muscles more than necessary.

In the local restaurant we ate the famous French cheese fondue. Where else could it be tastier than in France?!  This is highly recommended to taste it even once. And don’t look at the price.

French cheese fondue - our favorite

French cheese fondue – our favorite


On Thursday the village market magically appeared on the main street . A farmers from near villages sold different kinds of cheeses and sausages with various additives. We’ve also found as stunning honey there.

In Val Thorens we also discovered a good wine shops, pharmacy, pastry-shops, and, of course , restaurants of different levels of service and prices accordingly.

Of course,  like many others skiers, we would like to ski again and again, and our plan is to explore other ski resorts in Europe.

We love skiing in Alps. And how about you? What is your favourite skiing resort?

Val Thorens - the view from above

Val Thorens – the view from above

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2 Responses to Val Thorens – the highest ski resort in Europe

  1. I’m headed to France for a ski trip in a couple weeks to a mountain close to where you were. I’m really looking forward to it! I really don’t like skiing in the fog – it makes me really disoriented and I can’t tell what is ground and what is sky.

  2. Hi Adelina.

    Yes, skiing in the fog was not easy for us too.

    But it was very unusual and interesting experience.

    Enjoy your ski vacation there, and make the most of it.

    We are going to San Anton, Austria next month. :)

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