Using a Wedding Website: Saving Money on Your Future Nuptials


For those with an impending marriage, money and budgeting is all important and generally finances are at an all time low as they are faced with spending hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds preparing, paying for, and investing into all the big and small aspects of a wedding. Additional funding for your event could be sourced by looking at payday loans or suchlike if your budget is too tight to cover all you require. Fortunately, there are several digital shortcuts that you can take now that will help cut down both on the stress and the cost of the pre-planning stage. One of the most difficult, complicated and expensive challenges that a newly engaged couple will have to face is how to go about the process of sending out save the date announcements and receiving RSVPs from their prospective guests. In recent years, as worldwide online presence has expanded incredibly and email access is nearly ubiquitous, it has become more common for all of the RSVP process to happen online.

There are several websites that are targeted specifically towards engaged couples who are searching for an easy, budget friendly, and appealing way for their guests to RSVP to their wedding without having to go through the Royal Mail. These online resources make it simple for a couple to have their own URL which wedding guests can access and use to fill out a form of response that then goes directly to the couple in a database or list of attendees and details. An additional advantage of this method responding to a wedding invitation or announcement is the amount of paper, and therefore trees, that is saved as a result of digital RSVPs. The virtual response then, is not only easier and cheaper, but also a way to support the green ethic of reducing, reusing, and recycling, which is so popular.

How to Set Up Your Own RSVP Website

Those couples who choose to take the digital route and create a website through which to handle their guest’s responses to the wedding announcement will find that the creation process of an outlet like this is a snap. Whether you are a technologically talented web junkie who enjoys coding, website formatting, and digital imaging, or you are new to computers and thoroughly unenthused by the world of web design, you will be able to create a fast and fun website that is specific to you and your significant other and a cinch for your guests to use.

Start by checking out a resource such as Getting, one of the UK’s top wedding themed websites, which helps users to create a personalised and uniquely themed site in only a few quick steps. Through this website, your guests can RSVP to the event, send you their contact information, contact you with questions or concerns, and find out information about your impending nuptials. You can make your website as simple or complicated as you like, and include pictures of the two of you from your engagement photo shoot. You can choose a customised background and make the site unique with fonts, colours, styles, headings, and design graphics of your own.

Saving Big on e-RSVPs

The cash that you will be saving by handling all of your RSVPs online will make a nice nest egg or be a decent contribution to another aspect of the wedding budget, such as the venue or hiring a Rolls Royce to swoop the two of you away after the reception. With more and more engaged couples turning to customised websites as a no fuss, no hassle, paper free way to deal with the process of RSVPs, there is no reason to put all that money towards an unnecessary and ballooning expense of requesting responses through the mail.

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