TravelPony mobile app – good trip companion

Does it happen to you sometimes, that you are making a bad decision during your trip?
Such single decision can easily ruin your entire vacation. But we are lucky to live in 21st century, where a simple mobile app can help you to fix such mistakes.

Our bad decision was to make a trip from Jerez to Madrid in one long drive, when next day we had to take a flight from Madrid back home.

Of course, the road took longer than we had planned. And when the night arrived, we realized, that we are in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere between Madrid and Seville, without a hotel reservation waiting for us in Madrid. We were hoping, of course, that we will find a hotel once we arrive to the city.

But we were lucky to buy before the trip the local SIM card with the internet access for our Iphone. And now it was our final hope.

Just a few days before we used the site of TravelPony, to book the hotel in Cordoba.
We still had a credit left on our TravelPoney account, so we said ,- “Why not, let’s give it a try”, –  and launched the TravelPony app.

TravelPony app - main screen - list of the deals in popular cities

TravelPony app – main screen – list of the deals in popular cities

The app works differently from the site. It lists travel deals of one hotel per one popular big city per day. We hit the Madrid name in the cities’ list, and there was a deal
for hotel High Tech Arturo Soria, which is also known under the funny name “Petit Palace Arturo Soria”. A few more touches of the Iphone screen and the hotel was booked.
I can’t really describe to you what a feeling of relief we had felt, once we knew, that we will not spend this night sleeping in the car. Yes, such things already happened during our previous trips.

TravelPony app - hotel booking

TravelPony app – hotel booking

Exhausted after the long ride, we drove into the hotel parking lot around the midnight. All the hotel residents were already seeing their fifth dream . The hotel was located near to the city centre, but still in quite neighbourhood.

High-Tech Hotel Madrid -Terrace

High-Tech Hotel Madrid -Terrace

After checking in we took the shower and quickly went to bed, but still had time to notice some extraordinary hotel amenities.


High-Tech Hotel Madrid - the laptop in the room

High-Tech Hotel Madrid – the laptop in the room

High-Tech Hotel Madrid -spaciouse and clean rooms

High-Tech Hotel Madrid -spaciouse and clean rooms

First, there was a laptop waiting on the table in the room with internet ready for usage. And then there was this fancy shower which can spray water on you from all sides. But beside all that it was just a regular clean and quite hotel. Exactly what we needed after such a long road and before our flight the next day.

And again the TravelPony was there for us, exactly when we needed it. This time in form of simple and helpful mobile app.

Thank you, TravelPony.

Disclosure: We’ve been given a credit on TravelPony website for publishing this review. But we want to assure are you that this is a honest review, and it fully reflects our opinion about this mobile app.

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