Travel Light: 6 Tips to Reduce Your Baggage

Travelling abroad is one of the great luxuries of modern life and it has never been cheaper or easier than it is today. What was once the exclusive preserve of aristocratic young gentlemen going on “educational” tours of Europe can now be experienced by everyone. Unfortunately though, most of us don’t have servants, so lugging an enormous suitcase around cavernous airports remains a source of additional stress, particularly when there are children to consider. Here are 6 handy tips for making your baggage train more manageable:

1. Make a List and Don’t Take More Than You Need

One guaranteed way to fill up your precious luggage space is to throw things into your suitcase as you rush to pack at the last minute. Instead, try and formulate a list in advance and pack over the course of a day or two. You then have time to consider whether you need as much as you thought, especially if you’re travelling in a group and can share things like toiletries.

2. Can You Buy it When You Get There?

If you’re visiting a developed country such as the USA, Australia, or Japan, it’s worth considering whether you need to take it with you at all. Most countries have supermarkets selling a huge variety of products. So for certain items, purchasing it in the UK and flying it halfway round the world might not make sense. Similarly, depending on the kind of accommodation that you’re staying in, there may be no need to take shower gels, soap, towels and so forth. Many hotels and resorts will provide these items for you, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials.

3. Wear Bulky Items When You’re Travelling

If you have to take things that eat up a lot of space, ponder on whether you can wear them on the journey. If, for example, you’re taking a pair of big, comfortable boots and a smarter pair of dress shoes, why not wear the boots on the plane? Although you won’t be at your most glamorous on the flight, you’ll feel more at ease and your bag will be lighter and roomier.

4. Pack Carefully

It’s surprising how much more you can fit into a single suitcase if you approach the packing process in a methodical way rather than taking the comedic approach of jamming it all in and asking your partner to sit on whilst you attempt to close it. Folding clothes properly, tucking pairs of socks inside shoes and compacting items as you go along will work wonders.

5. Consider Your Outfits in Advance

This is particularly important if you’re concerned about looking stylish! As you presumably know what kind of holiday you’re going on; whether that be a cruise, trekking, beach or cultural tour or whatever else; think about the occasions for which you need appropriate clothing. Having done so, it should be possible to take clothing that can serve for more than one purpose and eliminate duplicates of the same kind of clothing.

6. Don’t Take a Heavy Suitcase

Gone are the days when a tough, protective suitcase meant one that weighed ten kilos. There are cases available in extremely light materials that will cradle your most precious belongs with the utmost of care. Bearing in mind that many airlines charge for luggage items weighing over 20 kilos, minimising the dead weight of your suitcase is a no brainer. Following these basic tips will serve you well, although others have pioneered more extreme techniques that might be worth looking at. Other than that, what are you waiting for? Book your affordable airport taxi today.

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