Top Five Travel Brands


When it comes to travellers choosing a new suitcase, picking the right one can be an key decision. Almost as important as the destination, picking a travel buddy or deciding what clothes to bring.

That suitcase is what will get you through your holiday, with style and ease. It carries everything and without it, traveling with any amount of clothes would be a nightmare. Imagine having to carry all your clothes!

Whether you are going on a business trip or a family holiday, choosing the wrong case could ruin your expedition. A cheap bag that may break, or one that is just not portable enough can cause issues whist you are away from your home country.

A suitcase protects all of your belongings from harm, and it is an investment that many people feel they cannot do without. Take a look at these brand recommendations from the world of luxury travel accessories and see which one would suit your journey.

  1. Jay Peak

Owned and created by Timberland, Jay Peak is the perfect brand to choose if you need a case that is hardy yet looks stylish. Just like the boots, this item will last for years and can withstand some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Perfect for an adventure holiday, trekking or camping, all Jay Peak cases are water resistant and lightweight.

There is even a pouch inside to stick your dirty shoes and the tough outer casing is guaranteed to keep all of your clothes safe and dry whatever the weather.

  1. Lulu Guinness

Selling suitcase cases as well as handbags and tote bags from a classy London boutique, Lulu Guinness are the only brand to choose if you want to arrive at your destination in style. Although they have positioned themselves as a chic feminine brand, the more neutral colours are also popular with men because of their durability and quality.

Critically acclaimed, and popular with celebrities like Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry, Lulu Guinness is all about providing style and usefulness in one beautiful piece, and several of her designs have already ended up in museums.

  1. Ecoalf

One of the most eco-friendly suitcases you can buy, Ecoalf use old recyclables to create their very own range of cases which look modern and is friendly to the environment. They really are becoming a big name amongst the more free spirited celebrities, in fact Gwyneth Paltrow has just done a collaboration with Ecoalf for a new range of case that is sustainable yet fashionable.

Popular around the world from America to China, Ecoalf is also popular because they completely protect any valuable contents. Your tablet and computer are both safe to be tucked away.

  1. Piquadro

A high-end Italian leather company that specialise in travel items for businessman, Piquadro is a world recognised brand and a stable of first class travel.

Guaranteed to have enough space to keep all sorts of work related electronics and papers, with this bag an airline upgrade is just around the corner!

  1. Rimowa

Tough and yet lightweight, Rimowa is probably the most popular brand on this list. A steady favourite with global travellers that need a suitcase to make it through several airports without getting overly damaged, Rimowa have the added bonus of included locks and a patented wheel system that helps with manoeuvrability.

With the ridged metal and an array of colours, this deluxe case has a waterproof inner lining and is environmentally friendly by being 100% recyclable.

When choosing your perfect suitcase, look no further than Global Luggage. Their reasonable prices and exciting range will suit all holiday goers. Guaranteed to be an investment that keeps on being useful year upon year.

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