The great bargain hunt

Getting what you want for less is the name of the game these days. Any saved money is better in your pocket, and that goes for everything in life, let alone just on holidays.



I always find the best way to save a few pounds prior to going away is to think carefully about how to get to the airport. It’s for this reason I always book airport parking, as I find this not only saves me money when compared to expensive public transport, but it also cuts down on stress and worry. If this sounds like your kind of plan, then look into the facilities available at nationwide airports, including north of the border, with Gatwick parking available at fantastic rates.

 See, you’ve saved before you’ve even left home!

There are ways to continue this saving vein whilst you’re away too, and if you’re heading to a destination that requires you to haggle for your shopping on markets etc. , then roll your sleeves up and get practising!

It’s not as hard as you think, and you do get into the flow once you’ve got over the initial weirdness of it. It’s basically because it’s not something we’re used to doing, but in certain countries it is common practice, and you’ll be considered a tad strange if you simply take the first price offered to you! Look for example at our experience in China, in Hong Kong Ladies’ Market.

The general rule of thumb is to enquire regarding how much something costs, and you’ll be given a figure; you then half it and offer that, which will no doubt result in arms flailing and suggestions that you are crazy, although this is more likely to happen in resorts where tourists go onto the markets, and it’s partly for entertainment! You will reach a mutual agreement somewhere in the middle of that offer, and you’ll no doubt come away with a bargain.

market small


The markets in Turkey for example are quite an entertaining experience, and not only because the vendors are happy to chat and make you laugh, but also because the sights, sounds and general vibe is quite intoxicating. The only thing to remember is that if you wander onto a stall, you will be instantly hassled over what they can help you with, and if you pick something up, the same thing will happen, with all the advantages of the item you’re holding being pointed out to you.

 This is a fantastic way to pick up souvenirs for loved ones back home, and you’ll often find something a little unusual, which you couldn’t buy in a shop at home.

Haggling may seen odd at first, but you will find it easy after a while, and the only solution is to simply give it a go. Who knows what bargains you’ll come home with!

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