Staying Fit and Healthy with TCM

Staying Fit and Healthy with TCM

By Maria Silko

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China is the oldest civilization of the world. History of China, which is preserved in the written monuments of antiquity, celebrates more than five thousand years of its history. This fact alone has created a huge potential of modern Chinese culture.

In 1949 China has become known as the People’s Republic of China, and it marked the moment when China entered a new stage of its development. In modern China, tourists have the opportunity to witness a great mixture of old traditions and striking features of modernization.

Among old Chinese traditions a well preserved one is Traditional Chinese Medicine which is widely used not only in China but all over the world. It helps not only to stay fit and healthy but also to prolong life. Let’s discuss the most effective Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments that help to stay fit and healthy almost at any age.




Acupuncture  is a method of treatment, rehabilitation that affects the organs and systems of the person’s body with special needles or without them through the acupuncture points. Acupuncture is one of the most popular and sought-after areas of holistic medicine.

Acupuncture is a way of influencing the body’s energy processes. The internal energy of each of us flows through the twelve main channels, each of which is associated with internal organs. This range is as follows: lungs – the large intestine – the stomach – spleen – the heart – the small intestine – the bladder – the kidneys – the pericardium – the triple heater – gallbladder – liver – and then the lungs again.  Thus the circle is closed.

Gua Sha

Chinese massage Gua Sha is positioned as a versatile tool that has passed the test of time, which for centuries has proven to be effective and that is now available almost all over the world.

Translated from the Chinese the word “Gua” means “scraper ” and more literally – “coin “. Initially it was an ordinary Chinese coin that was used in the treatment and self-medication in Gua Sha. The wealthier residents of China used to make scrapers from different materials such as stones, bones and horns of animals. Plates for massage were also made ​​of tortoise-shell, and for the scalp massage a scraper comb or hairbrush was invented.

All the above mentioned devices are nowadays used in the Gua Sha massage of head, face and body. According to Chinese beliefs, it is a violation of circulation of vital energy through the channels of the body that causes the disease and Gua Sha impacts on the energy meridians which allows you to harmonize the circulation of vital energy.




Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of human improvement. In the literal translation means “the art of energy management,” where “Qi” means energy and “gong” – skill. In this case, under the control of energy we understand not some abstract concept, but a sense of increasing or decreasing vitality, as well as processes that take place in any living person, but we are not able to control these processes, as well as the movement of blood which is of vital importance in TCM.

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