Sai Kung – green garden of Hong Kong

…or how we’ve discovered Sai Kung

In general we are not fans of the big crowded cities. For travel we select small green cities, parks and forests. Hong Kong has been an unavoidable part of the program. Here we explain why. We didn’t know about natural reserved part of Hong Kong, before we went there. In airport we met one guy from USA who lives and works in Hong Kong. He told us, that Sai Kung is his favorite place, and advised us to visit it.

Now we can say, that Sai Kung also has become our favorite place.

Sai Kung - Over 70 islands of various sizes

Sai Kung – Over 70 islands of various sizes

It is located on the east side of the New Territories and consists of Sai Kung town, rural area and over 70 islands of different sizes. Rainforest, ocean, remote and silent beaches- what can be better for nature-lovers like us.

Sai Kung - Promenade

Sai Kung – Promenade

First day we spent in Sai Kung town. We just walked along the promenade, admiring the beautiful view of the ocean. Probably because of the weekend there were a lot of people merrily chattering about something, laughing, smoking and eating.

Sai Kung - Kayaks are waiting near shore

Sai Kung – Kayaks are waiting near shore

Some walking their pets -small and large dogs, sometimes decorated with ribbons or dressed in blouses. This is a new fashion in China, to keep dogs as pets, before they just ate them. But we guess in Hong Kong it is already a usual scene.

Sai Kung - People in Sai Kung love pets

Sai Kung – People in Sai Kung love pets

Of course for dinner on the beach it is better to order fish. In Sai Kung, as in many other coastal cities, there is a whole street of seafood restaurants. And the choice of all kinds of seafood can affect any gourmet. At the entrance of many restaurants there are huge aquariums filled with marine life. It looks more like a tank from the ocean park than restaurant exposition.


Sai Kung - Giant fishes in the aquarium of seafood restaurant

Sai Kung – Giant fishes in the aquarium of seafood restaurant

Just keep in mind, that the prices of delicacies are not cheap and you should check them in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also on weekends, especially in the evening, the restaurants may be full and it can take time to find a free table.

Sai Kung - Seafood is everywhere

Sai Kung – Seafood is everywhere

The next day we sailed on the Ferry to one of the small islands. We chose one of the paths on a map that passed from the shore on one side of the island to the shore on the opposite side.

Sai Kung - Wong Shek Pier

Sai Kung – Wong Shek Pier

It was a very hot day, we oriented on a map and hit the road. The island looked desolate and we were happy about it. Besides us there was only a group of four Chinese elders and they cheerfully walked along the road and chatted. We decided to let them disappear from our sight, so we can get the feeling that we are alone on this beautiful island. Bravely we stepped into the jungle.  From beginning the path was well trodden, but gradually it became a cold scent.

Sai Kung - Where mountains meet the sea

Sai Kung – Where mountains meet the sea

Vegetation became thicker: we had to protect our faces with hands. But we continued on our way because views of the beaches were very beautiful from there. We wanted to go down to the water and it seemed that it is just a few steps away. But the trail passed at a height of about 50 meters above the water, and any deviation from the route was impossible because of the dense vegetation.

Sai Kung -The trail in the jungle

Sai Kung -The trail in the jungle

Then we heard a familiar Chinese chatter, cheerful Chinese oldies made ​​their way through the jungle. Now we have noticed that they well equipped were all in high boots, pants  and gloves, for not to cut hands on bushes.  We felt like an inexperienced tourists wearing only t-shirts and shorts.

With international language of signs we found out that the trail does not go down and just rises to the top of the mountain, and that there is no passage to the beach on this side of the island. A little upset we went back through the same bushes and came to a more comfortable beach not far from the pier. On the shore were several abandoned houses. Shallow river was flowing down from the mountains into the ocean. Water in the ocean was very warm and relaxing.  After we’ve enjoyed enough the gentle warm water, we got to the shore under the shade of the trees. But after all we were not alone in this paradise. Our rest was disturbed by small stubborn crabs, which were not scared by twigs and sand which we thrown at them.

Sai Kung - Stubborn crab attacking us

Sai Kung – Stubborn crab attacking us

When we returned to the dock, we had to wait for the ferry for about 30 minutes.  There, men and women were fishing. We noticed that there was one woman, who was particularly lucky. Every 3-4 minutes she pulled a little fish from the water. One fisherman generously provided us fishing line with a hook and bait, so we could try to catch some fish too. But apparently the secret was not only in the tackle. The fish ignored our fishing hook.

Sai Kung - Fascinating clouds

Sai Kung – Fascinating clouds

On the way back we again enjoyed the views of the ocean and islands and promised to ourselves to come back for more.


The Facts


1. MTR to Choi Hung MTR Station then from station exit C2 take Green Minibus 1A (24 hour service approx every 3-5 mins – journey time about 25 mins) to Sai Kung Minibus Station (next to the promenade). KMB Bus 92 (see below), also stops outside exit C2 of Choi Hung MTR Station.

2. MTR to Diamond Hill MTR Station then KMB bus service 92 (approx every 12/20 mins – journey time about 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to promenade).

3. MTR to Tseung Kwan MTR Station, then from the bus terminus, take NWFB bus service 792M (every 20 mins – journey time approx 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to the promenade).




From Sai Kung Town KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus) service 94. The frequency of bus is about every 30 minutes from 6am (7am on Sundays and public holidays) until 9pm with the last bus back from Wong Shek Pier at 9-35pm. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

More details about Sai Kung country park here:

Where is it?

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