Packing Your Duffel Efficiently

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Whether going on a trip for business or pleasure, learning how to pack a leather duffel efficiently is a must for the frequent traveler. Although some people might not realize it, efficient packing of luggage can be an art form. The very first step is making a thorough packing list and gathering the items together. Once everything is in the same area, the packing can really begin.

Heavy Items First

With the packing list in hand, separate out the heavy or bulky items. These items should be placed in the duffel first and evenly dispersed. If the duffel is a rolling duffel, it helps to keep in mind how it will be positioned when it is placed upright. Make sure that heavy or bulky items will be on the bottom and closer to the wheels. This should help keep them from rolling around or shifting when the duffel is moved. It also will hopefully keep the bag from becoming top-heavy or falling into awkward positions.

Consider Rolling versus Folding

Many people fold their clothing when they put them in a bag. Although this is a very neat way to pack, rolling certain items can be more space efficient. It is also possible to roll up multiple items together. For duffel bags, it can be easier to get clothing into the bag by rolling as opposed to folding.

Put Shoes in Bags

It may be necessary to bring a few pairs of shoes on any given trip. While that means that the extra shoes need to be packed with everything else, it doesn’t mean the other items in the bag need to get dirty. If the shoes are worn at any time on the trip, simply place them in a plastic bag or shower cap before packing so as to protect the other items in the duffel.

Formal Wear Goes on Top

Both business and pleasure trips may require a certain amount of formal clothing. If any formal clothing is to be packed, it should go on the very top. This should keep the clothing fairly flat and free of excessive wrinkles. It also puts the clothing in a prime location for quick access. As soon as the destination is reached, the formal clothing can be retrieved and hung up.

Put Underwear and Socks in Last

Underwear and socks should be left as fillers for any bag. They are easily placed in the cracks and crevices that the other items in the bag create. Putting them in early on will likely only take up space that could be filled with bigger items. Save the underwear and socks for last and put them in any gaps. Shoes are also a great place for small items like socks.

There is an art to efficiently packing a leather duffel. Learning how to make the most of luggage space is a necessity for frequent travelers. Even an infrequent traveler can benefit from efficient packing. It allows for more space to take items with you or bring things home. Keep in mind the weight of the bag and placement of objects, especially when the bag is moved or tilted upright. The right kind of packing can make for easier handling of the luggage.

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