Our trip to Turkey – Part 1

We have long shunned Turkey, heard plenty of stories about the crowds of “all inclusive” package tourists. But after a trip through Turkey to China , pausing in Istanbul for 3 days, we were convinced  that this country is very beautiful and worth a visit.  So we decided to study more about this country. After all, they are our neighbors .

Our trip to Turkey began in Antalya. We decided to explore the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea of Turkey.  The plan was to fly to Antalya , stay one night there , and then rent a car and start to move westward in the direction of Marmaris , while stopping at the interesting places.

Antalya - the view of the old city - Kaleici

Antalya – the view of the old city – Kaleici

In the “Lonely Planet” guide book we read that in Antalya is the most interesting stop is in the old city  – Kaleiçi.

And so we did.  We stayed in Atelier Art Hotel, which  is located in the heart of Kaleiçi. The price was 65 euros per night ( a little expensive , but it is a regular price of hotels in the area ) . By bus ( fare is 3.5 Turkish lira ) we drove from the airport to the city. The local people were very friendly and very willingly explained the directions. One pair of middle-aged even followed us almost to the hotel, though it seems they were not on the road. Such friendly attitude we have seen only in China.

The hotel, as it was promised on the website, indeed was built in the style of the Ottoman period. The two-story building, a cozy patio with fruit trees and a small swimming pool and very kind hosts. Narrow and creaking wooden staircase leads to the room. The room was spacious with wooden frames on the windows , old wooden furniture and old wooden door painted in many layers of dark brown paint. The room also has creaky wooden floors, which made a strange noise, when we were walking in the room.   All of this of course was immersed in a certain mood , but it seemed as not quite the place where we wanted to be.

Antalya - the hotel room in Ottoman period style

Antalya – the hotel room in Ottoman period style. Not for everyone’s taste.


After a shower and a nap,   we went to walk around the old town.

Especially we liked the Roman Harbor. With his high city walls and docking ships, it indeed can allow you to touch the mood of the quite harbor of the 1st century.

Antalya - the Roman Harbor

Antalya – the Roman Harbor

Antalya - Yivli Minaret Mosque

Antalya – Yivli Minaret Mosque

The old town consists of a maze of narrow cobbled streets, numerous hotels, such as the one, that we stayed in. With a very nice patios, old mosques, numerous cafes and restaurants. The gift-shops are everywhere with their beautiful and inviting show-windows. They are offering traditional souvenirs, very beautiful carpets and ceramics. All of this creates an atmosphere of pleasant tourist place.

Antalya - The Kaleiçi streets

Antalya – The Kaleiçi streets


Antalya - numerous gift shops

Antalya – numerous gift shops everywhere


Among the many restaurants there are plenty of cozy and relatively inexpensive. In one of these we ordered a lentil soup and grilled fish with salad, which were very tasty.

Chupra fish - the deliciouse local food

Chupra fish – the deliciouse local food


Also here they cooked very delicious Kanafeh – dessert (we think it has Arabian origin) with goat cheese and sweet dough.

The next day we went on a trip along the coast. The route takes in some places on the shore at the foot of the mountains. Winding coastline and small islands create  unforgettable landscapes.

The weather was wonderful, warm but not hot and not cold yet (a bit chilly in the evening, it was a beginning of October after all).

The next place to visit was the Mount Chimaera. It is located in a very beautiful place, away from the bustle of the all inclusive and shopping tourist paradise .

Very beautiful road coming down from the mountains to the sea.

The beautiful view from Chimera mountain

The beautiful view from Chimera mountain

On the road there are a lot of small hotels and camping sites, intended for tourists who love to relax in harmony with nature. It was the season of pomegranate, so on both sides of the road were trees overflowing with big ripe pomegranates. We couldn’t resist and ripped several fruits, which were almost touching our car, when we passed by.

Turkey is land of abundance - the HUGE pomegranate picked along the road

Turkey is land of abundance – the HUGE pomegranate picked along the road

The abundant land - the sheep in the garden of pomegranats

Turkey: The abundant land – the sheep in the garden of pomegranates




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