Our trip to Turkey – Part 2 – Kekova island

For our next stop we chose a very beautiful place called Üçağız (ancient Teimioussa). This place is famous among tourists for the island of Kekova and its sunken city, which is located nearby. Üçağız is located in a cove west of the town  Demre and is a small and very pleasant village.
Though it is touristic  place  and locals  earn from tourism, to get to Üçağız  by land is not very easy. From the highway D400 winding narrow road passes through the small villages for about 60 kilometres.

Views on the way to Üçağız

Views on the way to Üçağız

More often  tourists arrive by sea from neighbouring and more affordable Kaş . On the shore there are several very simple hotels. The pier is full of yachts and boats of various sizes , which are used for fishing and cruising .



The village was built on the remains of ancient settlements. Particularly here in the time of the Lycian civilization was necropolis and many sarcophagus are still right between the modern houses. For us it has caused mixed feelings, kind of like you’re resting in the middle of the cemetery. Though it was so long ago that there is nothing but stone is left. Local residents don’t look like disturbed by such proximity as it even attracts the tourists, and with it the earnings. After check in the hotel, we dined at one of the restaurants on the beach, watching the changing colours of the sunset.

Kekova Island - Sunset on the pier

Kekova Island – Sunset on the pier

The next day we signed up for a kayaking trip (cost 35 euros per person, including lunch). At the morning, after the detailed instructions about how to manage kayak and after a brief description forthcoming route we hit the road.

Kayaking near Kekova Island

Kayaking near Kekova Island

In spite of the fact, that we were doing it for the first time, sailing in kayak was easy for us. And in our group of six kayaks nobody had any difficulty doing it.

Resting on one of the islands

Resting on one of the islands

Since the beginning of the route, we went to Tersane bay, where we made a stop for half an hour to relax, swim and explore the ruins of the Roman buildings. The place is very beautiful, with clear blue water and is very calm.

Tersane bay

Tersane bay

After a rest we received instructions on further journey and interesting story about the Lycian civilization: the existence of matriarchy in their society, a democratic system of governance. After that we have recovered to the sunken city.

Kekova Island - Ruins of the sunken city

Kekova Island – Ruins of the sunken city

Very little is left of the ancient buildings on the site, we sailed along the coast, trying to see how people lived in this beautiful place. Peering into the rocks we were trying to guess the assignment of certain buildings.

Kekova Island - Traces of the sunken city

Kekova Island – Traces of the sunken city

But there was not enough time , we photographed as much as we could from different angles , and leader of the group have even whistled, making us to  keep pace with the group.
The next stop was the village Kaleköy (ancient Simena). A small village on the slopes of the mountain, on top of which are the remains of Byzantine castle and  Lycian necropolis .



Part of the sarcophagus are in the water, their pictures are very well known and the sarcophagus is in the water has become a symbol of the village.

Kaleköy - Lycian tomb in the sea

Kaleköy – Lycian tomb in the sea

Here we had lunch and then we went up to the castle and took pictures of stunning views.

View from castle of Kaleköy

View from castle of Kaleköy

On the way back to Üçağız we saw large sea turtles, put out their heads from the water. Once again, leader of the group whistled to us – we again fell behind the group. We wanted to enjoy this sea, the air, the islands and sea turtles, and we couldn’t get enough. But the journey has come to an end, and it was time to return to the shore.


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