One night and one day at Las Vegas.

You will ask: “Why Las Vegas, when you are in China?”. Well, we like to recall every now and then the
special places that we’ve visited before. And you will all agree, of course,that

Las Vegas is very SPECIAL.

We drove to Las Vegas out of curiosity, on the way to the Grand Canyon. We are not fans of gambling, but we’ve heard too much talk about the city, for not to give it a short look.
We drove into Las Vegas in the late evening. On the outskirts of the city nothing looked like attractions of the famous city. Strong desert wind penetrated through the clothes to the bone. Fatigue after the long journey made us stay in the first motel that we’ve found. The room smelled as cigarette smoke, but it did not matter to us, we just wanted to shower and to sleep for a couple of hours.
We woke up suddenly because of the noise on the street. It was about a midnight. It was a time to look at the city’s nightlife. We parked the car near the main street and went for a walk. The desert wind still howled between buildings but it did bother that much as outside of the city. And yet it was a cold desert night, but on the streets here and there we met half-naked girls, that looked like if they didn’t feel cold of the night.

Las Vegas - The gaming hall

Las Vegas – The gaming hall

When walking across the street, we decided to turn in one of the casinos. And here we felt ourselves as heroes of one of the Hollywood films. Subdued lighting, carpets, numerous slot machines and tables, half-naked waitresses in high heels – all of it looked not real to us. We rapidly lost some small money in one of the machines and went on a tour. It turned out that the buildings integrate with each other and you can walk down the street inside the buildings for several kilometers. And there we could find everything: food, drinks, shopping, and casinos.

Las Vegas - The night as bright as the day

Las Vegas – The night as bright as the day

Part of the corridor has been framed as a European street with a small cozy cafe. There were many people there at midnight, and if nearly all were still sober, gradually near two to three o’clock we met noisier companies with unsteady gait. They obviously took not only one cocktail. About 3 o’clock in the morning we witnessed the scene, when the police sprawled on the hood of the car the drunken man with his pants down. We didn’t know the cause of the arrest, but it was obvious that the guy quickly sobered up after his encounter with the police.

Las Vegas - Hotels full of sun

Las Vegas – Hotels full of sun

At 4 o’clock, we were very hungry and went out for pizza. The pizzeria was packed with people (at 4 o’clock! ), so we had to wait for the free table.
Afterwards, the city gradually calmed down. The morning light filtered into the dark corners and made the night of passion to look meaningless.

Las Vegas - Living in fairy tail

Las Vegas – Living in fairy tail

Las Vegas - The fairy tail becomes reality - Frog made of flowers

Las Vegas – The fairy tail becomes reality – Frog made of flowers


Las Vegas - Fantasy comes true - Surrealistic interior of hotel

Las Vegas – Fantasy comes true – Surrealistic interior of hotel

After a few hours the streets were filled with people again, but it was quite a different mood – permanent holiday mood of the tourist center, where people came to relax and to have fun leaving all their worries behind. Sunlight illuminated the beautiful rich hotels. It was fun to see the copies of the world famous architectural structures such as Eiffel Tower and Trevi Fountain. We have seen very beautiful and fairy garden inside the hotel, chocolate waterfalls, singing fountain show, Cirque du Soleil and much more.

Las Vegas - Trevi Fountain

Las Vegas – Trevi Fountain

This is the city, where you can find entertainment of any kind and for any age, but like any other tourist city it was better for us not to stay there for a long time, so not to exhaust ourselves. It was short, bright and festive dream.

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5 Responses to One night and one day at Las Vegas.

  1. I want to visit Las Vegas soon! If plans pushes through, i might go next year. I will go straight to Caesar’s Palace to watch Matt Goss perform :D

  2. Why would anyone not want to go to Vegas? Expensive yeah, but so worth it!

  3. Hi,

    This exemplifies the Statement ‘Everything is possible in Vegas’. I always get reminded of hangover when i think about vegas.

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