Mini Cruise Magic

If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, here’s one for you: why not try a mini cruise? Whether you’re an avid cruise enthusiast or a skeptical first-timer, a mini cruise is a great way to try out the cruise lifestyle and find out whether or not it’s for you.

Cruise ships near Santorini

Cruise ships near Santorini

So, what are mini cruises all about? A mini cruise is, as the name suggests, a shortened itinerary that’s usually just a few nights long and features fewer ports of call too. A mini cruise is typically a condensed version of a standard cruise, yet usually features plenty of regular perks such as onboard facilities, evening entertainment and a choice of restaurants.

Most mini cruises are just a couple of nights long and take in one or perhaps two destinations, which could be the chocolate-box beauty of Bruges or the chic city streets of Paris. Some slightly longer mini cruises may be three or four nights long, which adds another couple of ports to the list.

The beauty of a mini cruise is that it’s a short and sweet introduction to cruising – ideal for a fun-filled few days away to recharge the batteries. For holidaymakers on a shoestring it makes a great alternative to the longer, standard itineraries, especially if you have any cruise first-timers in your party who want to test the water before committing to a full week at sea.

If a mini cruise floats your boat, check out the range of itineraries and liners on offer by browsing the Cruise Thomas Cook website. It’s usually worth going direct to a tour operator like Thomas Cook as it gives you the chance to browse holidays from a wide range of cruise operators, and to compare the prices and offering of each. You’ll also benefit from the latest special offers too.

So, why not enjoy a bit of mini cruise magic this year?

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  2. A Cruise to Santorini? I want!

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