Interview with Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek

We continue our interview series with Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek



How did you start travelling and blogging?

We actually learned about the wondrous world of RTW travel from a German friend-of-a-friend who was just returning from a one-year journey around the world with his girlfriend for €25,000. At the time we had never met someone taking a trip of such magnitude (and for such a reasonable amount of money!) and our mind exploded with the possibilities. So when it came to thinking about where we wanted to spend our honeymoon and all the places we wanted to visit in our lifetime, we decided now was time to start experiencing this big beautiful world.

We started HoneyTrek to share our around-the-world journey and hopefully inspire and teach people how to travel-long term.

What are the 3 best things about travelling as a couple?

1. This might sound obvious, but the best part of travelling as a couple is sharing the adventure, views, interactions, sounds and tastes with the person you love and being able to smile about them together for the rest of your life together.

2. You have a partner in crime, someone to always have your back…from silly things like holding a spot in line to the feeling you can take on anything together.

3. It’s like having a backup memory. So much happens in any given day it’s hard to remember it all but together you can fill in the gaps and relive it in full colour.


Uyuni Salt Flat Dip


What are some of your interests outside of traveling?

We met playing volleyball and started dating while renting a shared ski house so those two hobbies will always be special to us but other random and important bits would be…hosting any event to get our friends together, taking care of the planet, architecture and design, getting people talking about over-population, scuba diving, book club, wine club, soup club, and of course photography and writing.



Fitz Roy Patagonia

Can you name your 3 favourite places in the world so far?

We have so many that we had to pick these out of our hat of favourites.

– Flores, Indonesia (for the scuba diving and friendliest people on the planet)

– Cappadocia, Turkey (for the incredible history and geological formations)

– El Chalten, Argentina (for the Fitz Roy, surrounding glaciers, and hippy vibe)


Can you name your 3 favourite dishes that you’ve tasted so far?

– Pachamanca Andean lamb; Sacred Valley, Peru

– Lemon zest crab tortellini; Cotswolds, England

– Tuna sashimi with bubbly seaweed over rice; Taketomi Island, Japan


Sashimi Bowl Taketomi Japan


What was the best day of travelling?

We would say our botched travel day to Colca Canyon Peru. We had totally taken the wrong bus and were two hours shy of our intended destination but as a result, happened upon three local festivals–one involving a Spanish sermon and fireworks on a cliff, a brass band funeral procession, and  a street party of dancing elderly Peruvians in traditional garb drinking corn beer. You can never plan the best experiences.


Peruvian dance


What country has the best kitchen?

– The Japanese’s attention to quality, presentation, and integrity of flavours is an art.


What destination are you looking forward to the most on your next trip?

Antarctica! We’ve been to six of seven continents and those polar bears are calling our name!


For how long do you plan to travel? What are your plans after you will finish your RTW trip?

The final count of HoneyTrek Round #1 will be 675 days. First we’ll have some major catch up time with family and friends then work with lots of HoneyTrek Trip Coach clients. We want to take everything we’ve learned from our two years on the road and help others  take the leap to long-term travel. We had so many questions and concerns while planning our trip and all we wanted before we set off was to talk with a travel vet who had been there and done that. We want to be that person for anyone dreaming of long-term travel but aren’t quiet sure how to turn it into a reality.

HoneyTrek Round #2…We want to spend a year honeymooning in all 50 States of America! After honeymooning around the world, it is time to see what our home country has to offer. We are scheming a campervan road trip to seek out the most romantic and exciting destination in each state…stay tuned!


If you ever chose to settle down, in what country would you like to live?

– For now, America is still home and we are excited to go back. However, if we decide to live abroad for a couple years, I think we’d consider Cape Town South Africa, Chiang Mai Thailand, Waiheke New Zealand, or any island in the Philippines.


Cape Town, SouthAfrica


Can you give some advice to our readers, especially to couples, which want to start travelling?

– Go now! Travelling while you’re young and flexible will be a so much more rewarding than waiting until retirement. You never know if you’ll be able to bounce around the world at 65-years old, and most importantly, the sooner you go the more years you’ll have these incredible memories and life experiences. As a couple, there is no bonding experience like it. A trip around the world is one of the most beautiful, exciting, challenging, and fascinating things you could ever do, and you’ll be doing it together. All these incredible moments that would be inexplicable to someone else, will be intimately understood by the person you love. And a final tip for all is…you can travel for so much less than you think. Take however much you have sitting in a savings/checking/brokerage/etc account and divide it by $45 and that is how many days you can explore the world (divide by $80 for couples). If you want to know more, just ask us over at


How was your recent trip in Ireland?

– Amazing! We rented a camper van for 11 days, driving all the peninsulas along the west coast and up to Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. The landscape was incredible, and to top it off we experienced The Gathering–a nationwide, year-long series of cultural events. We caught the Spirit of Folk Festival, Gaelic Games, the Harvest Festival…they even had a bog snorkelling competition.


Campervan Ireland

Mike & Anne Bio:

Two New York newly-weds who thought a two-week honeymoon wasn’t nearly enough to celebrate a new life together. With a little bit of savings, no kids, and good health, they figured there was no better time to travel. So they quit their jobs, rented their apartment, and set out on a 650-day honeymoon around the world. Using Anne’s background as a magazine editor and Mike’s as a digital media strategist and semi-professional photographer, they started to chronicle their journey.


Now with nearly two years of on-the-road experience under their belt, they’ve decided to take all they’ve learned and launch HoneyTrek Trip Coach [], an in-person guide to long-term travel, to help get more people out there exploring the world.

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