Interview with Dave and Carmen from Double-Barrelled Travel

We continue our interview series with beautiful travelling couple – Dave and Carmen from Double-Barrelled Travel, whose blog we liked very much.

Carmen and Dave in Quebec City, Canada

Carmen and Dave in Quebec City, Canada


  •  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? How did you start traveling and blogging?

Dave and I have been interested in travelling long before we started dating. However, after only three months into our relationship, we moved from Australia to England together and lived in London for five years, getting married during this time. We traveled all through Europe over these years, as London is a fabulous base to do this. It was only about 14 months ago we started the blog and only about a year ago that we began to take it seriously. Why?

We went to the TBU travel conference in Porto and were really inspired by Dave and Deb from Planet D. They told us how they quit their jobs and began a life of indefinite travel and it was a light-bulb moment for us. We looked at each other and nodded and I think that was when we knew we’d be hitting the road long term.

  • What are the 3 best things in traveling together as a couple? Are there things that you don’t like, or would like to change?

The very best thing about travelling as a couple is getting to share the adventure with someone you love. When you see amazing sites, it makes it all the more special when you can turn to your partner and say – WOW!

It’s also great to have someone by your side when you get sick. I recently had a bad case of food poisoning that lasted for a week and I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like if I didn’t have Dave to rush to the pharmacy for me!

Another good thing about travelling together is that we can pool our bank accounts, making life on the road cheaper than what it would be if you had to go it alone.

The only thing I don’t like about travelling as a couple is that it’s sometimes harder to meet people. When you’re on your own you often make friends easier because you’re looking for companionship. When you’re with your partner it’s sometimes easy to go for weeks without speaking to anyone else. Dave and I try to avoid this at all costs though!

Carmen and Dave on a catamaran in the Great Lakes, Michigan

Carmen and Dave on a catamaran in the Great Lakes, Michigan

  • What are some of your interests outside of traveling?

Dave and I are both very into writing. We are both writing novels at the moment – Dave is a lot further along than I am. Sometimes it’s nice to escape into a fictional world – and life on the road gives us much inspiration.

We also both like art even though neither of us are particularly talented. We take our sketch books wherever we go and there’s nothing better than relaxing in a town square and watching the goings on around you, sketching what you see.

Dave also loves military history… which means we often visit many museums that I find rather dull!

  • Can you name your 3 favorite places in the world so far?

One of our favourite places is Croatia. We went there for the first time for our honeymoon last year and loved every moment. It’s not just the coast that’s spectacular – I’d recommend escaping inland… Plitvice Lakes is the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen.

We loved Croatia so much that we took Dave’s parents there this year and they loved it too.

Portugal was also a pleasant surprise. We avoided the touristy south last year and drove from Lisbon to Porto. In between these two cities we were really off the beaten track and met some interesting locals and enjoyed some delicious food and wine. Yum… suckling pig…

Speaking of food and wine, Margaret River in our home state of Western Australia is a must see. It has some of the best surfing beaches, wineries and bush hikes in the world. We are lucky to come from such a picturesque part of the globe.

Carmen and Dave with Dave's parents in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Carmen and Dave with Dave’s parents in Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Can you name your 3 favorite dishes that you’ve tested in different countries so far?

The suckling pig in Portugal that I mentioned earlier is delicious. It’s very tender because they cook it for a whole day before you tuck in.

We also visited New York City recently and went on a food tour of Greenwich Village which was very tasty. The amazingly delicious Italian food to be found there impressed us so much we went back after the tour for seconds. A place called Joe’s Pizza served the best slice of pizza we’ve ever had, far exceeding anything we ate in Italy.

And it’s not a food but I miss Australian coffee! American coffee is just so bad. Drip coffee? Yuck! Dave and I get excited when we see cappuccinos being served in a cafe, because not all of them serve that coffee staple here!

  • We know from your blog about your worst travelling day. What was the best day of travelling until today?

We recently went on a 12 hour hike up a 9,000 foot tall mountain with 16 of our friends. It was the most challenging physical experience Dave and I have ever had and even though we didn’t quite make it to the top, it was an amazing feeling to have gotten so far.

Dave also had a near death experience when he slipped and back-flipped down the mountain onto a pile of rocks. He managed to escape with only a few cuts and bruised ribs but it was one of the scariest moments of my life. It made me realize just how precious he is to me!

  • What destination are you looking forward to the most on your next trip?

We’re really looking forward to driving down the west coast of the USA. We’ve heard it’s spectacular. We spent the past month exploring America’s National Parks in the Midwest and we’re looking forward to camping in some other great parks like The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Arches in Utah.

  • From your blog we can learn that you plan only a year and a half of traveling. What are your plans after you finish this trip?

To be honest we would like to travel indefinitely but we have to give our families a time frame of when we’re coming home. After more than five years overseas, they are getting a little antsy – especially my mum as I’m an only child! I don’t think we could go back to traditional jobs though, we like our independence too much now and don’t want to work for anyone but ourselves.

Our ideal job would be to form a partnership with Tourism Australia and get to explore our home country for an extended period of time and write about it.

Carmen and Dave at Devil's Tower, South Dakota

Carmen and Dave at Devil’s Tower, South Dakota

  • Can you give some advice to our readers, especially to couples, which want to start traveling?

Live spontaneously! Of course, sometimes it helps to book things in advance but some of the best adventures we’ve had we’ve gone on the spur of the moment. It helps to be flexible.

Also, be patient with your partner. If you’re getting stressed at each other, give each other some space even if that means reading books in separate rooms for a while. Travelling is meant to be fun but when you spend 24-7 with someone, even if they’re your best friend, you can still get tired of them. Identify each other’s moods and respect them. For example, I know Dave is grumpy in the morning before he gets his cup of coffee!

Compromising is important too. We both have a say in what to do next, eat next or see next and we try to keep it fair. We also try to enjoy the things the other prefers; I recently went to an aircraft museum in Seattle with Dave and then he went shopping with me in the markets – balance achieved!


Authors Bio:

Dave and Carmen from Double-Barrelled Travel

Dave and Carmen are the couple behind Double-Barrelled Travel blog. They’ve married last year and they quit their journalism careers earlier in 2013 for a life on the road. Currently they’re in the USA, with plans to head to Central and South America next.
You can follow Double-Barrelled on Facebook and like them on Twitter.

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  1. They are one of my favorite travel bloggers. They present their experience in a simple tone.

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