Interview with Darach & Birte from “Cookytravel”

We continue our interview with travel bloggers series with Darach & Birte from “Cookytravel”.


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Welcome to the community of bloggers and good luck! We understand, that you are one of those couples who love to travel and are not afraid to go for a long journey. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? How did you start traveling and blogging?


We are both products of the “magical” year 19…(hmmm not allowed mention). Birte is from Germany and I am from Ireland. Having travelled as singles quite extensively our love of travel led us to working for a well-known travel company; we have both worked in travel for our entire professional lives and have broken our careers up with long journeys. While I have travelled Asia quite extensively, Birte is more familiar with South America.
From our previous travels; we have both agreed that while they have been great; we are at the stage in our lives when we want to share that experience, rather than relaying our travels to our peers when we get home. Our love of travelling has brought us together and our motivations for travelling are almost identical. We feel extremely lucky to have found each other and the fact that we both want the same things out of life is a bonus. Working for an online travel company has opened our eyes even further to possibilities for travel and in particular the blogging world. We both enjoy writing but have never really had the confidence or the time to dedicate to it, so were very much in the experimental mode with regards blogging.


What attracts you to the life on the road?


Being Irish, climate is a big draw to life on the road, but having experienced many different cultures and countries I find travelling a learning experience and I have a hunger for learning. The sense of adventure and the buzz of seeing a different country, city or a breathtaking piece of scenery drive me. Birte is very much a peoples person, being able to relate and communicate to different types of people is a real draw for her.


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 What are some of your interests besides the traveling?


Being travel junkies, this is a quite difficult question. I would say reading, but we tend to read a LOT of travel related material, Blogs, Books lonely planet and even the local news of places we have travelled too.


We understand that you started your journey from Africa. What is the reason behind your choice?


Africa is almost like the last frontier for us, I think we both wanted to share a new experience together and not re-hash something that one of us had done before. Birte has had an obsession with Africa for some-time as her father had spent some time in Africa while she was younger and proposed the trip on our first date together, and I was in from the start.


What are the things, that you like in Africa? And what you do not like?


That is easy, the scenery, wild-life and the welcoming people. We have met some inspiring people already on our trip and look forward to meeting many more. Sometimes things can be slow or in “Ugandan time” coming from well-organized and efficient European standards can take a bit of adjusting to, but I suppose that’s part of the charm.


Tell us a little bit about your intended route.


Like any long travel journey plans change, what we mapped out in our plans is well on its way to changing. Initially we based a great deal of our route on the African rail network and matched this with the essential sites that we wanted to see. When we mentioned it to Birte’s dad, he laughed at us for basing so much on African rail transport…..we are beginning to see why. We have named our route the “figure of eight” literally scribing the number 8, starting and ending in Nairobi, navigating Lake Victoria in the first loop and heading as far as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe at the bottom end. For a more detailed look please see our site CookyTravel


For how long do you plan to travel?


Hopefully forever, but this trip will last four to five months, but we are already contemplating trip two.


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What are, in your opinion, the best things about travelling as a couple? What are the difficulties, that you have to overcome, when travelling together?


I think sharing the experience together is the best thing about travelling as a couple, what we go through on this trip we will probably be talking about and looking back at for years to come. When we “settle” we both can’t think of anything better than having a place filled with all our travel memorabilia, maybe even our own hostel.
Life isn’t always a box of roses as all couples will know, so travelling will be no different. People say working and living together is tough as a couple, travelling is a bit similar only multiplied by ten. Just picture yourself in an overcrowded Toyota van for six hours in desert like temperatures and you get the idea.


How do you divide responsibilities during your trips?


We don’t have any formal arrangement on our responsibilities, although recently I have taken-over bargaining with the Boda Boda drivers given the old fashioned view of women in Africa.


We wish you a pleasant and interesting journey and we will follow your adventures on your blog. Can you give some advice to our readers, especially to couples, which would like to start travelling?


As a guy, make sure you always have room in your backpack for her “impulse” purchases.
As a girl, carry an emergency packet of biscuits for his low blood sugar.


Author Bio:

I am an 30 yr old accountant who has worked in the finance department in various travel companies including Airlines, Travel agents and OTA’s. I have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Born in Dubln, Ireland in a typical catholic family of six children, of which I am the oldest. I met Birte in 2012 while working for Hostelworld, she is German and speaks 4 languages fluently. She too has worked exclusively in travel, in the Hotel and Hostel sector. Having travelled and worked in the USA, Argentina and Spain.


Link to Blog:

Twitter : Follow @CookyTravel


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