Interview with Dalene and Peter from Hecktic Travels

We continue our interview series with this interesting couple from Canada – Dalene and Peter from Hecktic Travels.


  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? How did you start traveling and blogging?

We are a Canadian couple who sold everything in 2009 in order to travel. Prompted by a devastating series of tragic events in our lives (LINK:, we gave up our cushy corporate and suburban existence to instead live out of our backpacks. We left for Bolivia in the fall of 2009, and have slow-traveled through almost 40 countries, with no current plans to settle down.

We haven’t been blogging the entire time – we kept a simple online journal for our first year and a half but then when we knew for sure that there was no turning back, we decided to join this crazy world of blogging.

Dalene and Peter Heck - Greenland

Dalene and Peter Heck – Greenland


  • What are the best things about traveling together as a couple? Are there things that you don’t like, or would like to change? 

Neither of us can imagine doing it without each other – I don’t think our experiences would be near as special if we couldn’t share them. That being said, there are definitely some downfalls to it – the biggest one being that we are too reliant on each other! We have gotten into such a groove while traveling – we each have our specific “roles” – and on the rare occasions that we are not together, we both feel a little lost.

  •  What are some of your interests outside of traveling? 

We both are very interested in following the indie-music. Prior to beginning this current lifestyle, a lot of our travels were centered around attending music festivals around North America (and we both miss that). We also are nerdy Canadian curlers (Pete is a former Canadian champion), and it is even sort of how we met.

  • Can you name your 3 favorite places in the world so far? 

This is such a difficult question to answer because we love different places for different reasons. Turkey remains the country that has captivated us the most – we’ve already spent six months living there but know we will return. We adored Argentina and Bolivia for really unique experiences while in South America. And then our recent trip to Greenland was such an eye-opener for the remote life that the Greenlanders live, plus the outstanding, unearthly scenery. (Oops, sorry, that is four!)

Dalene and Peter Heck - Turkey

Dalene and Peter Heck – Turkey


  • What catches attention on your blog are the stunning photographs.  Is the Peter only one who is doing them? Where did you learn photography?

Pete is responsible for about 90% of the shots, and 100% of the editing. I typically handle the mobile photography and we do end up using some of those shots on the blog as well. We are both completely self-taught.

  • Can you give some advice to bloggers, who want to improve their photography skills? 

The number one piece of advice we will give to anyone who asks is just to know your camera. Take the time to learn the settings and capabilities, and just practice, practice, practice. The best camera to get is the one you already have – most people just really need to learn how to use them.

  • How do you divide responsibilities during your trips?  How do you decide, which country you will visit next? 

Haha, very good question, because we are absolutely rubbish at making those decisions for ourselves. There has been the odd occasion when we have left it up to our fans to decide, or we often just wait for different opportunities to present themselves. We live by the “no plans” part of our tagline pretty seriously.

  • We were also very impressed by your media kit. Do you have a lot of press trip proposals? Can you give some guidelines for our readers, what is the best ways to look for and to get the press trips? 

We do get a lot of proposals but have turned down far more than we’ve ever taken. Often they just aren’t the “right fit” for our blog, or the timing/location doesn’t quite work out. In all honesty we prefer to just travel at our speed and reach out for support on our own along the way – it allows us to move slower and do the things we like as opposed to going on someone else’s itinerary.

So that would be my recommendation to anyone, really – plan it for yourselves. A well thought-out pitch to hotels, tour companies, etc. can still be well received even if not organized with a specific PR initiative. And then you can structure the trip so that it makes the most sense for yourself, your blog, and your readers.

Dalene and Peter Heck - Jordan

Dalene and Peter Heck – Jordan


  • From your blog we can learn that you started to travel more than 4 years ago and don’t want to stop. If you would chose to settle down, where would it be? 

We really don’t know because we haven’t given it any thought yet. I suppose that if we had to settle down, it would likely be because of health issues with ourselves or family members, in which case we would need to head back to Canada.

  • Can you give some advice to our readers, especially to couples, which want to start traveling like you? 

The best advice we can give is to take it slow. It is quite easy to get burned out from traveling, and for all the great foreign destinations to begin to look the same and absolutely lose their luster. By moving slower, not only does it prevent travel burn-out, but it also allows you to get more involved in the local scene and really get to learn the culture. Oh yeah, and it’s cheaper. :)


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