Income report , February 2014

This is monthly report for February 2014 from our series of income reports


…and not by chance we’ve titled it not as “Blog Income Report” , but just “Income Report”.

This is because, already for quite a while, we are making money only partially from this blog alone.

As we wrote last time, if you want to earn more money you have to look around and go beyond the scope of only one blog.


Cooperating with other travel bloggers

This month we decided to take seriously the cooperation with other blogers like us.

We emailed about 50 bloggers and till now we got the answer from 10. This is not bad at all.

We were surprised, by how those, who responded, are truly willing to cooperate. Here is what we wrote to them: Travel Bloggers, Cooperate!

The advertisers contact exchange, that we made last month, went over all our expectations. And it is already starting to produce great results for us this month, and we hope for

our bloggers-partners too.


Working with advertisers

We have found out the interesting fact about the advertisers. Exactly as we bloggers exchange their contacts between us, advertisers exchange the bloggers contacts between themselves.

This is not surprising. As one saying goes: “If  mountain doesn’t come to the John, then John will go to the mountain”. The advertisers need us, exactly as we need them. Together we form one giant

ecosystem. If there will be no bloggers, there will be no advertisers and SEO companies.

So if you didn’t know this until now, they are out there, and they are waiting for you to contact them, especially if you have high quality travel blog.

One more positive thing is, that there began to form a group of advertisers, who are contacting us again and again on constant basis.


Working with content marketing sites.

This month PostJoint is still the leader of sales, and it was  joined  by newly found LinkVehicle.

Both sites are good and making money.


Niche Sites

This month we began seriously to look into Niche Sites world.  And this area is so huge, that this is a subject for separate blog.

We started to build several niche sites by ourselves, and also bought 2 ready-made niche sites, to see by live examples how others are doing it.

We highly suggest to you to learn this subject, or at least to read some material about it.


Bottom line

Because this is an income report there should be some numbers, right?

But at this point of our little business, they are really not so relevant.

This month we were not pitching new advertisers at all. All the income is from, so to speak, “returning customers” and content marketing sites.

So you can say that all the income was done on “autopilot” and without extra effort.

All the money (and even a little bit more) that we make on direct advertising we reinvest in buying new sites and supporting the old ones.

But eventually, this should come to the point ( we hope), where we will earn enough to leave it in the bank or invest it in another projects.

We also have changed our buying strategy:  now we are not just buying travel site for placing posts on them, but we are also looking for them to be niche sites at the same time.

These sites already have some traffic and long tail keywords rankings, so we can also monetize them through display ads and  affiliate networks.


All the blogs:  – 1010$

  • Direct Advertising:  830$
  • Blogging Partnership: 80$
  • Niche sites Adsense:  100$


Total Business Costs: 1037$

  • Virtual assistants: 112$
  • Iwriter: 125$
  • Purchasing 2 niche blogs: 800$







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4 Responses to Income report , February 2014

  1. This is how my income reports would look! Made $1000, spent $1500 on new business ventures.. Nice work guys!

  2. Hey Gadi & Tun – I just found your blog from Dave’s post. Looks like you have a lot going on. Very exciting!

    How are the niche sites that you purchased doing so far?


  3. Hi Doug,

    great to hear from guy like you :)

    We are on our niche sites learning curve now.
    And we will learn something new from your site for sure.

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