Taoists Monastery near HuaShan mountains.

There is a lot of information on the internet about this magnificent place. Here I am going to try to let you to look at it through my eyes.

As most of the internet sites state “mountain HuaShan is one of China’s five sacred mountains. It is located to the south of Huayin City, 120 kilometers east of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province”. Yes, this we knew, but we had no idea how exactly to get there.
After searching the internet more, we’ve finally found this site, that explained that, you have to take the tourist bus No.1, from Xi’an train station, for price of 35 RMB per person. Hurrah! There’s such a bus, and one sunny day it took us to the desired mountain, but…

this time we decided not to go in.
You see, the entrance fee appeared to be 180 RMB for one person. We arrived too late during the day and it was obvious that for such price, there’s no point to go inside just for the few hours. I admit, that we came unprepared, and the high entrance fee, caught us by surprise. Now, after living in China for 6 months, we got used to high prices for parks entrance tickets . We still make mistakes here and there in our expectations, but of course they will be less with time (I hope).
This time our mistake gave us a chance to explore the Taoist monastery that lies at foot of the mountains.

Huashan Mountain - Taoist Monastery at foot of the mountains

Huashan Mountain – Taoist Monastery at foot of the mountains

In front of the monastery there’s a huge monument of sleeping man. I can tell you , that this was the first time in my life , when I saw the monument of this kind. This appeared to be the legendary Chen Tuan in his sleeping meditation. Here is a wiki page about this extraordinary man:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chen_Tuan.
The legend says, that he could go into sleeping meditation for several months and for these he was called “sleeping immortal”.

Chen Tuan - Sleeping immortal

Chen Tuan – Sleeping immortal

You can tell that the monastery is very old and of course very beautiful. I could feel that once it was a secluded place, where only a few monks have lived and practiced prayer and meditation.
Today it is serving like an entrance to the HuaShan mountain and thousands of tourists are passing through its gates every day. I wish to these monks today still to have their silence at least at night. There is something sad in the fact, that right above the monastery there’s now a railroad with trains passing every 15 minutes. Why here? Why?!
The only explanation I can find, is that the railroad was built in times, when nobody cared anymore about holiness and silence of this place. Yes, I am talking about the times of Cultural Revolution.


beinginawe's Huashan - Taoists monastery album on Photobucket

The inner courtyard of the monastery is nicely decorated with beautiful sculptures of dragons , lions and phoenixes. A little pool with golden fishes is located in the middle, and in the center of this pool there’s a small house in shape of the boat. Several temples with statues of different gods inside are located on each of the four sides of the monastery. All is made by the feng shui rules, and you can feel it. So, in spite of the railroad above, and in spite of the noise of the market in front of the monastery, it was still a place where you would want to stay for a while and to rest. Behind the high wall, there’s another part of the monastery, which is hidden from the tourists eyes. There are located the living rooms of the monks. I took a glimpse into this part , and this was enough to see that the life of the monks here is very simple. The washed clothes were drying on the ropes , the rooms looked simple, but clean and from one of the rooms I could hear the sound of working TV. After all these monks are only humans…


Huashan Mountins -  Flower

Huashan Mountains – Flower


Where is it?

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