How booking the hotel with saved us a lot of time and money

To tell you the truth, we were sceptical when one of our friends pointed us to this new site

We’ve thought to ourselves: “Here is one more booking site, that like many others has no real value behind it”.

But we were wrong.

Great hotel deals with huge discounts every day - TravelPony

Great hotel deals with huge discounts every day – TravelPony

We were travelling from Madrid to Cordoba, during our two weeks ride through Spain. Because we were travelling with the car, we

needed a good hotel outside the city centre in quite place. A hotel, where we could rest and take a short trips into the city centre.

We went to to look for such place and for our amazement it was there among the 4 hotels proposed on the site for these days.

The name of the hotel was “Parador de Córdoba la Arruzafa”.

Parador de Cordoba - room

Parador de Cordoba – room

It took us 10 minutes to find and to book the hotel that exactly matched our demands. It was located in quite area outside of Cordoba city centre. It even had a great pool and view on the city. And thanks to the TravelPony discounts, we even could afford this 4-star accommodation, which usually we would think longer weather to stay in or not. And in this way, thanks to the TravelPony we had a fantastic

time in Cordoba, which we will remember for a long time.

Parador de Cordoba Swimming pool

Parador de Cordoba Swimming pool

Parador de Cordoba - dining room

Parador de Cordoba – dining room

Note: By request of one of our readers we attach here the screenshot of the price of the booking. 

Screenshot of Booking on TravelPony

Screenshot of Booking on TravelPony

And wait, there’s more. Thanks to TravelPony sharing program, we can now earn free credits to book hotels on this site.

All we have to do is to share our link to the site with our friends and other travellers. Which of course we did, using our social profiles.

And we began to earn credits almost immediately.

While we still use other booking sites, like and, it usually will take us much longer to find a suitable hotel there, and they will not always provide the discounts that the Travel Pony has. On those site you will need first to make a research, to read reviews and then to make a hard decision where to stay. On to get the best choice and value hotels, all you have to do is to go to “Upscale” section, and you will find the best hotels for your location with significant discounts.

To summarise our experience wiht TravelPony:  did we enjoy using it? – Yes, will we use it more in our trips? – a big YES, does it provides the quality and discounts that it claims on its site? – Yes, 100%.

Disclosure: We’ve been given a credit on TravelPony website for publishing this review. But we want to assure are you that this is a honest review, and it fully reflects our opinion about this website.

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21 Responses to How booking the hotel with saved us a lot of time and money

  1. Hi thanks for sharing these money saver tips.

  2. sounds like an ad for this website…

  3. Bear in mind the weather there is pretty icy outside of high summer, the hotel might be cheap by the wether a mess. Always make sure its not an out of season rate. That lovely swimming pool could be all but useless.

    • Hi Howell.

      we were lucky to be there in the beginning of September, when weather was still sunny and nice.
      And we enjoyed this pool very much.
      You are right that in the winter it will not be so pleasant.

      Gadi & Tun

  4. We had a great experience with TravelPony in Budapest. We got to stay at the wonderful Budapest Hilton for a fraction of what we could find it on any other site, then had the nice referral statement credit for signing up under a friend’s referral link that dropped our rate even lower.

  5. I detest these deceitful covert advertising attempts designed to fool people into thinking that a paid ad is actually an impartial review. Its happening more and more now and Im so tired of it. I follow a link, start reading what purports to be an informative article only to realise that I have been duped into spending 3 minutes sucking up advertising. Travelpony will be the last company I now use ever for this very reason. If they stoop to deceit in their marketing strategy then they can not be trusted and will not be getting my buisness.

    • Hi Mark,

      thank you for you comment.
      Although it is not as positive as we would like it to be, but negative comments are also welcome on our blog.
      We understand your feelings regarding the advertising. And yes, TravelPony gave us a credit so we could try their service,
      and tell others if we enjoyed it or not. So , guess what, as we said in the disclosure to this post, we TRULY enjoyed using their service
      and decided to pay them back, in form of good review.
      We beg your pardon, but we don’t understand , what can be wrong here.

      Thank you.

  6. What a bunch of bull excrement…this is nothingbut a self serving advertisement….ie, why no mention of the actual price paid at the bargain 4 * hotel outside Cordoba?

  7. Also interesting current tip.

    $25 Free Hotel Credit

    Rewards Credit when you signup at HotelEngine.No minimums to use so you can get a FREE Night in a room depending on the room.


  8. Hi there,

    I clicked on this article because I saw an ad which said ‘A hidden secret in booking hotel rooms’.

    This article doesn’t reveal any hidden secrets – this is just an article promoting an online booking site.

    Isn’t that correct or can you tell us what secrets have been revealed?


  9. That’s not a secret – that’s an explicit sales feature of your service that you are shouting about – it is the direct opposite of a secret!

    Check out the definition of a secret in the dictionary, if you are in any doubt:
    A secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

    Your ad is enticing people to click on something which you don’t deliver. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the ethics or morals of you doing something like this, but you should know that I feel cheated when I make the effort to read something like this and I could never do business with a company that operated that way.

    You are probably being clever in your ways of getting people to click on your article but you do more harm than good when you then provide them with content that doesn’t relate to the content of your ad.


  10. Thank you for this. This is informative.

  11. I have visited this site and read what you’ve writen. It is really useful and I will come back here

  12. Looks like a handy booking site … heard of it, but have yet to try it out. Looks like that will have to change soon!

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