Holidays in Jamaica

The most diverse Caribbean nation, with a great culture, history and people who influenced the world in music and sports… it’s all Jamaica. Beautiful small island of just over 4000 square miles. It’s a home of a music genre, Reggae, but also a home to the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and one of the fastest female athletes on the planet Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce. If you also add a cuisine to this list of things, that made this island a world famous destination , then you simply need to make plans for the holidays in Jamaica and visit this paradise island of the Caribbean.

Doctor's Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica

It’s really difficult to start talking about Jamaica without mentioning Bob Marley. Man, who took the sound of a whole generation and made best freedom anthems in the 60s and 70s of last century. Marley is also “responsible” for delivering sound of reggae to every corner of the world with songs such “One Love” or “Redemption Song”.

Jamaica is also home of probably the tastiest street food in the world, and the best known is definitely the Jamaican pork and jerk chicken. If you’re more a person for restaurants, with the influences from the whole world, there are many tastes to try, from perfect grills or burgers to vegetarian cuisine.

Mountain cliffs, tropical jungles with clear blue sea, country is an inspiration to artists, and Jamaican art is among the best in the Caribbean. A combination of different customs, stories and tradition that came from around the globe, makes Jamaica motivating for all art lover.

Known as country of “Sun, sea and sand”, Jamaica is really a country of the most spectacular beaches for enjoy your perfect holiday. You can swim with dolphins, ride a horse, play golf, and take a drink at famous music clubs, and it’s only a piece of offer. Can you imagine yourself lying on the beach with a cold, refreshing cocktail, and reggae music in the background of this perfect situation? Of course you can! Pack your bags!

For years, Jamaica is a very popular destination for honeymoons and weddings. If you still in doubt where to make a wedding of your dreams, just stop thinking, and release yourself to this paradise Caribbean island.

This is truly a place for people in love, whole families, or spring breakers. You’ll find everything for everyone.  Capital and largest city in Jamaica is Kingston, located on the south eastern coast of the country, and founded in 1692 – as a place for survivors of the earthquake that destroyed Port Royal. Today, this city is known as the tropical climate capital, where, no matter what part of the year is, you can relax in your summer clothes. Kingston is home of the largest botanical garden in the Caribbean, and, of course, place of museums and great restaurants.

If your choice is more luxuries holiday, then you need to visit the south coast. Treasure Beach is one of the most famous spots of the area with 6 miles long sandy beach! Just east of the area, you’ll find a 1600 foot cliff overlooking the sea; simple magical scenery, named Lovers Leap.

How to get there? Jamaica has three official international airports. The biggest is Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, country’s capital, and the other two are Sangster International of Montego Bay and the Ian Fleming of Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is shoppers paradise, with luxurious plazas and traditional stores. With stated airports, the whole island of Jamaica is fully covered and you just need to pick part of the country you find most suitable for you and spend holidays in Jamaica! Every hotel resort you choose guarantees amazing fun, beautiful beaches and probably, a holiday of your life. I always find only two words to describe Jamaica.. Truly spectacular!

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