Holiday Heaven in Cuba

If you’re after a slice of holiday heaven, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to Cuba. Home to some of the most sublime beaches in the holiday brochure, Cuba is a gorgeous corner of the Caribbean that’s renowned for its Latin lifestyle, knock-your-socks-off rum cocktails and of course, its famous cigars. But there’s much more to this paradise island than meets the eye, and holidays to Cuba can open up a bucket-load of new discoveries and experiences.


Sunset on Varadero Beach

Sunset on Varadero Beach

Firstly, you’ve never seen beaches like it. Long ribbons of porcelain-white sand glitters under cloudless blue skies, while sparkling shores edge slowly across the sands and azure seas melt gently into the deep blue of the distant horizon. Kick back under a thatched parasol, throw your towel down on a secluded patch of sand, or lean against a rustling palm as you soak up the spectacular scenery before you. It’s like something straight out of a postcard, only one hundred times better because you’re actually here, taking it all in and living the moment.


Hotel Maritim Varadero - Beach Resort Varedero

Hotel Maritim Varadero – Beach Resort Varedero

You’ll find some fantastic beach resorts dotted along Cuba’s expansive coastline, such as the lively resort of Varadero or lovely palm-fringed Playa Pesquero. Check out the range of package holidays to Cuba on offer through tour operators like – you’ll probably find some tempting discounts too.

When it’s time to head out to explore the island, visit the capital city of Havana to experience its Latin culture, salsa nightlife and fabulous 1950s American cars that chug along the city streets. Or, follow a guide inland to hike your way through Cuba’s lush interior, or take a mountain biking excursion across its craggy peaks and rocky trails.

Whatever you fancy, holidays to Cuba offer many wonderful experiences that are bound to live with you long after you return home.

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3 Responses to Holiday Heaven in Cuba

  1. We are dying to go to Cuba, thanks for the reminder to move it up on our list. I know it can be difficult for U.S. passport holders but there are ways… we must find it.

    • Hi GypsyNesters!
      We were surprised to find out how beautiful the Cuba is.
      In our imagination it was just a forgotten grey communist island, lost somewhere there.
      It is now on our list too :)

      Gadi & Tun

  2. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. I’d love to go there someday.

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