Get Lost in Bryce Canyon Country, Utah


There is something magical about the southwestern United States. The words “south west” call to mind the deserted landscapes and rolling tumbleweeds of terrible old west movies. Sure, there is a bit of desert there, but have you ever seen a desert sunset? The colors are unreal! Out in the Bryce Canyon area of Utah, you can experience the magic in person. It is never too late to have fun at Bryce!
The canyon area offers up some of the usual fare for those outdoors types. There is camping, hiking, trail rides, horseback and ATV. The hiking offered ranges in difficulty and there is something for every skill lever, from the easy day walk to the more adventurous backpacking. There are also plenty of opportunities for bike riding, both trail and road.

Bryce Canyon is not the only park in the area either, in fact there are several. The area is 5,028 square miles of outdoor fun and adventure and only populated by 5,024 people. In short, there is a whole lot of space and very few people to crowd it. The terrains in the area are not all flat and brown either, the area not only has the Kodachrome Basin State Park, but also the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. There is a lot of elevation in the area. The Dixie National Forest and the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park are also part of the scene. Petrified forests are formed or trees that are so hard as to be almost rock like. It is a rare find, and one that shouldn’t be passed up.

There is also a ton of Native American and First Nations history in the area. There is the Anasazi Museum State Park, where one can experience Native American history first hand. You are able to walk where they walked, and see fragments of the past in the form of arrowheads and pottery. It isn’t just fun, but educational too. If you are not one for walking, there is also a beautiful scenic byway in the area. Take a cruise down byway 12 and 143, watch the world fly by and enjoy the look of the incredibly colors. Bryce Canyon rock is not your typical brown rock, but is an amazing orange hue that stands out against the skies blue backdrop. The park also houses the world’s Largest Hoodoo collection. Hoodoos are odd and interesting pillars of rock formed by years and years of erosion.
The fun doesn’t end when night falls. In addition to camping, there are also overnight accommodations, just in case tents aren’t for you. The coolest thing about this section of the world is that because of its low population density, there are fewer lights to blot out the sky. It doesn’t get much darker than a canyon night. This makes excellent viewing conditions for meteor showers or just general star gazing. It is unbelievable how many stars are up there! Don’t forget that you are out in nature, which means the animals and all. Keep your eyes peeled and you may catch a peek at a majestic bear or other creature native to the area. There is no end to the wonderful surprises at Bryce Canyon National.


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