Discover the Okinawa, Japan and meet the locals

If you want to experience everything that travelling has to offer, and you missed to visit Far East of Asia, then you missed a lot.  Particularly we would like to suggest to you to visit Okinawa, Japan!


A beach on Okinawa

A beach on Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture, situated in the south Japan, is in fact group of 57 islands with amazing subtropical climate and probably the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Here, like in every other place around the globe, you can experience a destination in a maximum potential only if you meet the locals.

Watch in this video how locals react on travellers questions in different parts of the world versus Okinawa.


As you could see in Okinawa the hospitality is a way of life.

As an average tourist, in some point of time, you might get lost; so asking local people for help is always the best choice. Yes, the truth is that there is a bunch of mobile apps today that can be helpful in that kind of situation, but at the end of the day, locals always have the best advices and it’s the most interesting way to experience the destination. It’s more fun, that’s for sure.

In Okinawa there is a saying that will probably explain a lot why the Okinawa hospitality is famous worldwide, and it goes something like this: “Once we meet, we become brothers and sisters.” So, don’t hesitate – for any information all you have to do is to take advices in the nearest bar.

But then you can be surprised and find yourself in warm company of Okinawans…


Well, yeah, language might be a problem, but there’s always something magical in a non-verbal communication, isn’t it? In any case, you’ll get at least a sincere smile.

The ultimate rule is to meet the locals and have fun! Experience Okinawa! And then share the stories of your amazing adventure.


Sponsored by Okinawa Prefecture


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