CuiHuaShan, Shaanxi, China

CuiHuashan is a geo-park which is preserved by UNESCO. Just 30 minutes from Xi’an and you enter the marvelous world of rocks, rivers, trees and silence.

After 6 months of search for beautiful, quiet and peaceful place around Xi’an, we’ve finally found one. My intuition didn’t fail me this time. We’ve realized from our first steps into this beautiful kingdom of rocks, trees and water, that this is exactly what we were looking for. Strangely looking, brightly colored birds with long tails are flying around, beautiful small rivers are making it’s way from mountains into the valley, and orange fruits – persimmons – are enormously bright on the grey and pastel background of the mountains.
There are several trails leading to the higher mountains from the entrance into the park.

Did I mention that CuiHuashan is now a geo-park? Oh yes it is. And you have to pay the entrance fee (70 RMB during the season, and 45 RMB during the off-season – from December 1st till March 1st). But of course this fact wasn’t stopping us from visiting this
beautiful place again and again.

Cuihuashan - Taoist monastery hidden in the mountains

Cuihuashan – Taoist monastery hidden in the mountains

You can get to CuiHuashan from Xi’an in two ways. One is taking a taxi near the big TV tower on south of the city (this usually will cost you around 80 RMB). Then the driver will take you as fast as he can (I am not kidding here) through the paid highway to your destination. The blood-chilling and heart-stopping trip will take only 20-30 minutes and, voilà, you are at the feet of the magic mountains. The another, more boring and slower way is by taking a bus 905 from the same TV tower. It then will take 1 hour and some more minutes to get to CuiHuashan. But… The experience can be also quite interesting here, unless you are claustrophobic, and can’t stand during 1 hour, while squeezed between lovely chinese men and women. This happened to us one sunny saturday when we decided to save money and went to CuiHuashan for the first time, without knowing how long and how “breathtaking” will be this trip. Chinese buses and transpiration in general is a whole different story and we will get back to it later.

Cuihuashan - Pagoda on the highest peak

Cuihuashan – Pagoda on the highest peak

Now let’s get back to the mountains.
What I like the most in CuiHuashan, that it is never the same. Every time we come here, something is different. It can be fully covered with snow one time, and without snow on the next week. But it is not only about the snow, it is the feeling that is different each time. Also we always try to go by different route, so we can look on the same mountains from different perspective. As I wrote before, you can choose from several routes, but all the routes will lead to “Heavenly Lake” (see photos).


This beautiful lake is located on height of 1600 meters. As the signs in the park explain, it is a barrier lake that was formed as a result of huge collapse of the rocks, during the landslide. According to historical records, the landslide occured during a large earthquake in the year 780 B.C. during the Zhou Dynasty.

During the summer the lake is like a mirror, reflecting the mountains and the sky.

It makes the view and the place to be and unforgettable picture in your mind.
During the winter the lake is covered with ice and it looks like completely different place.
Because of this we will dedicate a separate article to CuiHuashan in winter season, or to be more precise, in winter off-season.

Cuihuashan - Sunny butterfly

Cuihuashan – Sunny butterfly

I guess, you will find me very sentimental, but after visiting this place for five times,
I can say for sure, that we are absolutely in love with this place, and can’t wait to visit it again.

So, see you there soon.

The Facts

Adimission Fee: Mar. to Nov.:CNY 70 from Dec. to Feb.:CNY 45

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 19:00

Transportation: Getting There:

1. From Xian Airport, take shuttle bus to Xian and then use Bus No.905 or Huan Shan Tourism Bus No. 2 to Cuihuashan Mountain.

2. From Xian Railway Station, take Bus No.600 or 603 to Dianshitai (TV tower) station and then transfer to Bus No.905 to Cuihuashan station. Or take Bus No.5, 30, 41, 500, Tourism Bus Line 6 or Tourism Bus Line 8 (610) to get from the railway station to Dayanta (Big Wild Goose Pagoda) station and then change to Huan Shan Tourism Bus No. 2 to Cuihuashan station.

3. From downtown Xian, take Bus No.905 or Huan Shan Tourism Bus No. 2 to Cuihuashan station, or take a taxi.

Getting Around: There are 16 sightseeing buses and 3 minibuses in Cuihuashan Scenic Area serving 3 routes.

Minibus Fare: CNY6 per person for per trip. Sightseeing Bus Fare: CNY11 per person per trip.


Where is it?

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