Chinese teaching growing in US

Here it comes.
Our opinion is, that we all sooner or later will need to learn Chinese language.
So you’d better start today

Chinese teaching growing in US, helped by Beijing (via AFP)

Susan Wang couldn’t speak English when she arrived in California from Taiwan, aged 16. Now 49, she heads a school offering US children a similar experience, plunging them into a Chinese world. And her establishment is part of a rapid expansion of “immersion” Mandarin language programs in the United…

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One Response to Chinese teaching growing in US

  1. Gadi and Tun,

    Great post about the “learning Mandarin boom”. Now is the time to learn!

    On topic, as fellow Mandarin learners, we created the nommoc app. We would like to encourage other expats to learn to read/write Chinese despite how challenging it can be…

    If you are up for it, we’d love to have you join the effort by 1) getting nommoc 2) follow us @nommoc_app 3) tweet daily about where you see #commonchinesecharacters in your daily life and which characters you wrote for the day…

    Perhaps this way, if we all join together, learning to write Chinese will be just a little more interesting and fun!

    All the best to you both!


    The Nommoc Team

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