Caravanning means freedom

There is no price tag for freedom! Especially when we’re talking about our holidays.

Travel industry nowadays has a wide offer of all kinds of ways to spend your holiday, tailored by your wishes and definition of a holiday. If you’re not among the people who like to spend days in booking planes and hotels, and your holiday is a synonym for freedom to organize everything “on the way”, then caravanning is perfect for you.

There’s something magical and adventurous in resting in nature and getting there with your “mobile” home. Of course, camping sites today is not offering only place to “camp yourself”, there is a whole world of new opportunities for this very popular way of travelling.

Camping and caravanning are booming in Britain in the last couple of years. There are more than a hundred sites across the country with increasing occupancy rates, and in some places – those rates record 50% increase occupancy. It’s really easy to understand why. Simply, you can go your own pace, stop where you want to, and do things your way. Caravanning makes it to be your perfect choice. And don’t forget, caravans and motorhomes today can really reflect your personality as they can range from really luxuries to “crazy ones”.

If you’re still don’t know the difference between the caravan and motorhome, here’s a little reminder: a caravan is the one you tow behind your car and a motorhome is one piece home on wheels with an engine in the front.

Now, motorhome does mean freedom, but, like with every other way of travelling, it’s smart to think about the travel insurance thing. For all information, take a look at the Caravan Club. Comprehensive cover on and off the road, cover for content and equipment, new for old on standard policies and super policies are things that might help you to hit to road completely relaxed. After all, it’s time for holidays!

Gas barbeque and a Pro-Tec cover are things that will serve you on the way. There is a huge offer of motorhome gadgets you can buy for the journey, so listed two are just a good suggestion, and depending on your needs, you can find almost everything you’ll need at the caravanning/motorhome market.

Every country has caravanning camping sites. You just need to make a plan where to go. If you choose to travel across Europe, it might be your best holiday ever. Let’s say that you want to cover a whole Europe, here’s 5 suggestions where to stop, from the north to the south of the continent.

Lofoten, Norway with fascinating scenery is an archipelago, with spectacular fishing villages, perfect for your north motorhome adventure. Vilnius, Lithuania, the capital city of this Baltic state is not among the top travel destinations in Europe, and a perfect choice to explore something new. If you’re going more south, visit low and high Tatras in Slovakia, make a stop in Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria (based around a medieval stronghold called the Tsarevet) and enjoy in the warm climate of amazing Greece.

Bon Voyage!




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