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Buying a caravan can be a great investment. If you love being at the seaside and want somewhere to go retire to on a weekend, it is ideal. It’s cheaper than going abroad on holiday every year and watching the children grow up on the beach is great. You can get static caravans on holiday sites where there are children’s entertainment facilities included in the price. Alternatively you can purchase a towing caravan that be attached to the back of your car and can travel anywhere you want. Caravanning is a big part of the English community and it is something everyone loves. The only thing that causes people confusion is buying a caravan.

Static caravans stay on camping sites all year round. You don’t need to worry about moving it but they can be quite expensive. Most sites require you to purchase a newer model to get premium spots on the site and you have to pay rates every year to the site where it being kept. It can be quite costly but for those who plan to use it often, this might be the best option. Brand new models these days include their own bathroom facilities, sofas and radiators; these are perfect for those planning on using their caravan as a second home.

Alternatively you can buy a cheaper caravan that you can tow. You can take it wherever you want to go and most camping grounds have bathroom facilities for use at a relatively low price. You can buy a new model or second hand as there are no rules about what type of caravan you holiday in at mobile sites.

Unfortunately both options do mean you can only purchase models that are available. There is little choice available but there is a great and easy solution to this problem.

When it comes to buying a caravan you only have one thing to worry about – do I want a static caravan or one that I can tow? When this is decided, look for one in your price range and go for it.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your like because this is where our solution comes in handy. You can refurnish the upholstery to fit your personality. The process is really easy and can be done the same day if you book it in early enough.

This is a great tip for those wanting to save money and buy second hand. When you do buy second hand, you may find the problem that the previous owner was a smoker or had pets and you are the opposite. This won’t seem a major deal if you purchase it for a great price and furnish it to your like at an even better price. It can even add value to your caravan so you could sell it on and make a profit if you wanted to get into that type of business.

There you go, buying a caravan is actually quite straightforward. I would recommend putting your own stamp on it though and refurbishing it. Choose the caravan upholstery (fabric, colour and print) that reflects your personality or makes you feel at home. Just as you would decorate your own home with wallpaper and cushions, change up your caravan to create the perfect holiday home.

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