Blog income report – March 2014

This is monthly report for March 2014 from our series of blog income reports


And this month we will speak mostly about mistakes. Our mistakes.

As we are constantly learning about the Internet money making techniques and trying new things, the mistakes are inevitable.

We want to share this mistakes with you, so you will not repeat them.

Disclosure:  Please note, that some of the links below are affiliate links.  This means that if you decide to buy one of these products or to subscribe on one of the sites that we refer, we will get a small commissions  for it with no additional cost for you.  Please use them if you feel that you will benefit from these services or products as much as we did.


Mistake #1 : Many advertisers, not much quality sites to advertise on 


After a successful advertisers contacts exchange with several bloggers, we’ve found ourselves in strange situation.

Here we have a big list of great advertisers, that are ready to pay more then 100$ for single guest post placed on our site, but … we have no high ranking sites to work with.

Almost all these high paying advertisers have a high demands to site ranks too. One of them wants only sites with PR > 3  (Page Rank) and DA (Domain Authority) bigger then 30. Another will not start speaking with us, if the sites’ DA are not bigger then 40. So, if before our thought was, that our problem is lack of advertising contacts, now our problem is lack of good sites to place there posts on.



Mistake #2: Buying spammy expired domains


And then, being very inpatient and inexperienced, we rushed to buy an expired domains. For those of you who don’t know, the expired domain, is a domain whose owner don’t want to pay for it any more  from different reasons. Now, when the domain is expired, you can buy it from auction, Godaddy Auction for instance, and use all its authority and backlinks for your needs. Brilliant, isn’t it?!

But, be aware. There’s a good chance that this domain will be full of spammy backlinks. We didn’t know this from the beginning, because we had no time to do in depth research.  And we ended up buying 2 useless spammy domains. They are useless because sooner or later they are going to be de-indexed or penalized by Google, if not already are. One more lesson learned.

For those, who interested there is a good video, explaining how to check the expired domain for the spammy links. And you can find it here on NOHATSEO site.



Mistake #3: Buying poor quality ready-made niche sites


Well, this one is a little bit tricky, because till now we still don’t really know what is a good quality niche site.

As we wrote in our previous month report, we were very inpatient to get into niche sites business. That’s why we decided to buy a few of them on Flippa, to jump into the water and then to learn how to swim.

The first month all went well and the sites performed as promised and brought us the expected income.  All went well till the 1st in April. Yes, we thought this was a joke, but it wasn’t.

Google de-indexed 2 of the sites, on which we’ve spent 900$, while buying them. Fortunately for us, the guy from whom we bought them, contacted us and offered to make 2 new sites for free. These new sites will replace the ones, that Google didn’t like.

And even after this incident, we still cannot tell you, that we will stop buying ready-made niche sites.  The other ones, that we bought from the same site-maker, are still performing very well.

In parallel, of course, we continue to learn and to build our own sites from scratch.

And now, here is a real joke by Google. On April 1st  in Google Adsense we could see, how our Adsense sites perform on different planets:


Google Adsense 1st april joke

Google Adsense 1st april joke




Working with digital marketing sites



PostJoint Logo


Our favourite site PostJoint has surprised us this month. We managed to get from it 12 posts in one month, which is our personal record.

Mostly it is because we’ve managed to approve 2 more of our sites on it. We are constantly trying to approve more sites, but guys at PostJoint are very picky, and not always will approve everything.  4 of our sites have been declined there. But this is also OK, because we have a chance to improve their quality and resubmit them after 3 months.

We still think that among all the blogger-advertiser services in Internet – PostJoint is the best for us so far.



Teliad logo


One more site that we forgot to mention in our previous reports and that is making part of our income is Teliad. It is different from PostJoint, because here you are not bidding on opportunities. You can list your sites, and advertisers, if they are interested,  submit the task directly to your account.




Adbeans logo


Another site that continues to make us money is AdBeans. Although in slower pace and less amount, but our cooperation with this site is growing each month. This service is keeping the record of your sites, which you submit to them, and contact you directly through email, once there is good opportunity for your sites.



The show will go on


We’ve heard from other bloggers, that last two months were very slow and advertisers are not so willing to cooperate. But the fact is, that we still have requests  from advertisers (old and new) quite often.  And yes , we also have noticed the growing number of requests for link removal from old posts by customers, who were penalized this month by Google.

It seems that the Google war against the link selling is at its peak now. But all other dynamics that we see, still point on one fact – guest-posting  and paid guest posting will still exist in observable future.

SEO agencies will do it in more accurate way (placing link to authority sites near their links in the post, for instance)  ,but they still are not going to stop. Paid guest-posting is still one of their main strategies to build links for their clients sites.

This is why we will continue to invest more money and efforts in growing and improving  our own PBN (private blogging network), which has now already 8 travel sites.


Working with other bloggers

We understand now, that networking and collaborating with other travel-bloggers is an essential part of the game. So if you are not yet collaborating with bloggers form your niche, you should

start doing so immediately. Without this collaboration you will need to make much more efforts and spend much more time to achieve your goals.

This month we’ve been featured on the Dave’s new blog, and we are very proud to share this with you.


Growing business needs new tools



As our little online business is growing we will need more tools to manage it the right way.

One of such tools is FreshBook  (thanks to Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome for introducing us to it), which is already helping us to manage outraccounting and invoices. Do you know, that some advertisers will not send  you the money unless you issue the formal invoice to them. Fortunately for us the FreashBooks makes the task of issuing the invoices a meeter of seconds. The product that we specify in the invoice – is  the link to the published blog post on our sites.

With number of advertisers (clients) growing each month and number of sites (property)  and blog posts (products) growing too, the excel spreadsheet is simply not enough any more.

So, enter the FreshBooks, the accounting service.



The numbers


Although we earn more, we still spend more then we earn. This is mostly because we constantly trying new things and making mistakes too.

Recently we’ve read an article about Amazon, that described how this giant company spends all that its revenue on Research and Development.

Of course we are not comparing ourselves to Amazon, but it only shows that this business strategy is viable and used even by industry giants.

One day, when you will need the money, you just cut the funds from “research and acquisitions” division and keep it in the bank.


All the blogs and sites:  1245$

  • Direct Advertising:   845$    =     PostJoint: 335$   +     Directly Contacted Advertisers: 510$
  • Niche sites :  Adsense revenue: 400$


Total Business Costs: 1327$

  • Virtual assistants: 160$ (content)
  • Iwriter: 152$ (content)
  • Fiverr: 20$ (social signals)
  • Purchasing 3 niche sites: 950$
  • Hosting: 45$


If you have any ideas, cooperation proposals, agree or disagree with something that was said in this report, don’t hesitate to leave a comment  ;)


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  1. Great income report guys! There’s always a lot to learn and sometimes making mistakes seems to be the necessary way. Best of luck with the next month! Great to see you guys branching out and trying different things

  2. Great post guys, thanks for all the great links and tips! Now off to implement some of them on

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