Blog income report , January 2014

This is our second report from our series of blog income reports


and it was not a surprise for us, that our first report quickly became the most popular post ever on our blog.

After all, making money from your blog is and always will be the hot topic. We still think, that it is important to share our experience and progress on this bumpy road of finding out how to make money on your blog.

That’s why we will continue to write such reports. At least, for a while.


So, what happened this month?


Dave & Vicky Blogging Partnership 

For those, who didn’t read our previous report, we can point you to site of Dave & Vicky, to learn more about their blogger partnership program.

This month didn’t bring us a lot of news from their side. As Dave explained to us, because they have limited list of advertisers to pitch our blogs to,

they can only offer a significant stream of money for month or two, after this time they simply are out of advertisers.


Finding new advertisers

If the main income of your blog is direct advertisement, to scale the things up you will always  need to do 2 things:  1) buy/create more sites and  2) grow your advertisers list.

The one way, that we know about, how to grow the advertisers list , is by asking the other bloggers, like us, to exchange advertisers contacts. In fact all the advertisers, that we have right now

we got in this way. In several rare occasions the advertisers have contacted us directly.

So, if you are a travel-blogger, like us, and you are reading this, and you are willing to exchange the advertisers contact details with us, we will gladly do so.

As for today, we have a list of around 250 advertisers, third of which had responded to us at least once with positive or negative answer.

Another way, which did’t work well so far, was to hire some data-mining assistant on Elance and ask him/her to do the research and mine those contact details from the Internet.

Well, they did find some contacts, but only few of them were useful. We don’t discard this way of finding advertisers completely, though.


Emailing advertisers

What happens after you find them?  The important part of direct advertising business is the way you email advertisers. None will notice your existence, if you will not tell them that you exist and are open for opportunities.

We’ve found this wonderful tool called PHP List, which allows us to send many emails simultaneously. And it can even show us, how many of  the recipients opened our email.

This tool saves us a lot of time.

Some advertisers will call you spammers. ( Don’t panic :) ) … But most of them are responding in positive way, even if this is only after a month. So, don’t be afraid and just email them.

We’ve adapted the Dave’s strategy to send emails only on Mondays and Thursdays, and this does seem to work better.


Buying New Sites

We did’t buy new sites in January, because we wanted to see how the sites, that we already have will perform.

It seams, that the way the advertisers look at the site’s statistics is not uniform. Some advertisers will require the site to have Page Rank bigger then 2 and domain authority bigger then 20.

But some of them, don’t seem to care that much. They will put their link on your site, if you will convince them, that your site will grow with time, and this way the value of the link from it will grow with time too.

Having the good and active social profiles on the site (Facebook , Twitter, etc.) , is one thing that everyone seams to care about these days.


Working with content marketing sites.

PostJoint Logo

We still manage to make some money with help of these sites:  PostJoint, LinkLift and BlogDash. There a tons of such sites out there, and we have subscribed for around ten of them.  But it seems that only these guys are valuable.

They can really help you to earn some cash.  We highly suggest you to try them. PostJoint – is our favourite.


This is Real

Our goal was to reach 1K$ mark this month without special effort, and we almost did it. And this month ,gave us feeling, that  if we would put more effort and dedicate more time to this project, it could easily make us more money.

One thing that is clear for us now, is that, if we want to succeed in making money on-line, we have to treat it like real business, with plan and strategy . Well, this can sound a little bit boring

for someone, but there are simply no short-cuts.  If you want just to make a few bucks from your blog, then you can do this with just a little effort, like we did this month.  But if you want to scale it up, you will have to put a lot of work and effort into it. If you disagree, you can tell us about it in the comments.



All the blogs:  – 970$

  • Direct Advertising:  680$
  • Blogging Partnership:  290$


Total Business Costs: 146$

  • Virtual assistants: 96$
  • Iwriter: 50$



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6 Responses to Blog income report , January 2014

  1. Hey Guys,
    Great Job. Always good to see How others are advancing, And I really appreciate the tips, I will implement them in my own Business.

  2. I agree with your observations. Very nicely done!

  3. Nice work. I need to start contacting advertisers. I keep putting it off trying to get my stats up but I just need to take a stab at it and see what kinds of responses I get.

  4. Hi Mark,

    yes you can start to contact some of them, just to feel the ground.

    Also, in your email try to show that your blog stats are going up all the time. And show your guest-posts or other efforts that you are doing for this.

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