Blog income report , December 2013

Finally, after a year of existence of our blog we can start to write our own blog income reports.

Thanks to other travel-bloggers and especially to Dave & Vicky from and their advertising course, we had our first significant income this month.

Page Rank

The first good news is that our blog had a page rank 2 after the December 2013 Goolge PR update.

This will allow us to approach more advisers a ask more dollars for direct advertising offers.

And as you probably noticed, in-spite of many rumours and expectations, the PageRank is still not dead, and is very important metric when it comes to working with advertisers.


Blogging Partnership

The new PR=2 for our blog also means, that now we can participate in blogging partnership program of Dave and Vicky (more on that you can read on their site)

and this also means more income for our blog.  The program as also all our income is about direct advertising on our blogs.


Buying more blogs

This month we became an owners of 1 more blog. So in total we own 4 blogs now and we hope to grow their number and quality.

Our other travel blogs are: PR2/DA21/PA33 PR3/DA18/PA30

Simply put, the more blogs you have, the more virtual real estate you can propose to the advertisers to work with.

We met one guy who has 50 blogs and has made running them as his full time job. We are still not sure if we want to be like him, but having at least 10 blogs is not a bad thing anyway, if you know how to monetize them.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love our, and it is still our main blog, where we will continue to share all our adventures and will write all the posts by ourselves.

On other blogs, however, we will need to use the skills of  another writers.


Working with writers and content writing services.

Besides our constant virtual assistants, whom we’ve found on Elance, we have discovered

This is an amazing content writing service, where you can get 5 articles written upon your request in less then an hour. And no, they didn’t pay us for positive review.

We just like their service. One guy on Flippa had turned our attention to it, and with its help we have no trouble with fresh content for our new blogs.


Working with content marketing sites.

Besides the list of advertisers, that we are constantly gathering with help of other bloggers and web research, we are successfully using several content marketing sites, which

are putting as their goal to connect bloggers with advertisers.

Here is the list of sites with which we really managed to make some dollars:

There are many more of such sites out there. But so far we hadn’t any success with them.

Postjoint Earnings

Postjoint Earnings

More ways to make money online

We are constantly looking for new ways to make money online. One thing that is on our mind right now and that we will try in near future is an e-books and Kindle books industry.

As more tablets and e-book readers are out there every day, it seems that this specific niche is booming right now.

For instance, you can use the same iwriter service, not only for posts, but the whole e-book can be written for you by very skilful writers.

In this niche, your problem is not the content, but finding the best and right way to distribute it and sell it.



Given that this was a “slow” month, due to the Christmas and New Year, the numbers are small, but, hey, we are  only starting.

All the blogs:  – 750$

  • Direct Advertising: 605$
  • Blogging Partnership: 145$


Total Business Costs: $364

  •  Buying new blog: 250$
  • Virtual assistants: 84$
  • Iwriter: 30$




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12 Responses to Blog income report , December 2013

  1. Kudos to you and well done! We still haven’t purchased another site, but really should. Congrats.

  2. Thank you Heidi,

    and we also think, that the key factor in this game is cooperation
    between bloggers, like you and other participants of the course.

  3. Awesome Job guys, thanks for publishing the report, I have been doing the same thing with my blogs, and it sure does help to get some inspiration. Do you approach your advertisers with all of your blogs at once? or do you keep them totally separate, with separate emails etc..?

    • Hi Phil,

      we approach the advertisers with all one niche blogs at once.

      For instance we send all travel blogs and sites together.
      But when we will have more blogs from more niches, like tech and health for instance,
      we will approach only with them.

      Not all the advertisers work with all the niches, most of what we have now, are specialising in travel industry.

      Thank you.

  4. congratulations! Blogdash is a new one for me, will have to check it out

    • Thank you Dave!

      You made us realise that sharing is a key. We started to follow your reports a year ago, and they
      inspired us and showed the way.

      Keep up the good work and we hope to meet you in 2015 ;)

  5. Very interesting article and it is good to see how you have progressed. That course you mention at the start of the article is something I might have to look into.

    Thanks for the links and recommendations. I should really look at those.

  6. Nice work guys.. We have been debating whether to publish income reports, but invest almost our money back into our business that it seems a bit pointless!? Well done on getting the PR2 and ability to work with advertisers. It pays off..

  7. Hi Adam & Amanda,

    thank you.

    We decided to publish income reports, to share our progress with others.

    We learned a lot from income reports of Dave & Vicky and now this is our turn to share our experience.

  8. Hi

    I am wondering what your approach is to finding advertisers and how you structure your deals

    • Hi Ash,

      you should read our reports closer, because we said before
      that we are contacting other bloggers in order to make advertisers contacts exchange with them.

      This is the main strategy for expanding our list of advertisers.

      We are not sure we understand, what do you mean by “structure your deals”.

      We pith the advertisers once/twice in a week and when they are interested they are coming with offer, which we or decline or accept.

      Let us know if you have more questions.

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