Blog income report – April 2014

This is monthly report for April 2014 from our series of blog income reports

…and it seams that there are not much good things to report this month.

Except only the one very good thing:  we finally got married in beautiful Larnaca in Cyprus. (separate post about it later)


The Google Wars

The Google crack down on the blogging networks and link selling continues. And this month it looks like it goes even stronger.

The site that we were promoting for a long time PostJoint was a target this month. You can read more about it  here:

Many advertisers even ask us to remove their links, because uncle Google hit them too.

This “cat and mouse game” can go on forever.


What’s next

As it is written on PostJoint blog :

“What troubles us more than our site being penalised is that “Negative SEO” is real. Why should site owners spend their time and money cleaning up backlinks because Google can’t tell when it should ignore them (or simply doesn’t want to)? Google is indiscriminately attacking anyone it feels like so we need to continue as if  Google did not exist and build more diversified traffic and income streams.”

Diversification is a key.  Don’t rely just on Adsense or Google organic traffic.  Yes, it is much harder and will require much more efforts, but it is possible.

We are going to keep this site as our personal travel blog, and we will move our reports to the new site, where we will describe our money making efforts.

Stay tuned…

Blogging Course

We are also thinking about making our own blogging course when there will be a right time for this.

In this course we will share all our knowledge about working with advertisers and making money from travel blog.

If you are interested in such course made by us, please let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile we decided to express our gratitude to Dave and Vicky blogging course by placing this badge on our sidebar.

Again if not this course we would be less rich for around 5,000$ and would not know many interesting nuances about making money on-line.

Blogging Course Badge

Blogging Course Badge





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4 Responses to Blog income report – April 2014

  1. Thanks for the shout out guys. Sucks about the site. We are still submitting ours for reconsideration. One week have not heard anything…

  2. I have just come across your site and all these interesting income updates – thanks! I have actually just quit my day job to try to make an income from blogging, so I have found this all very useful. That really sucks about the google problems. It is so annoying worrying about things like that. It also annoys me that they are taking away page rank and not giving any. I only became serious about blogging last October so I am stuck with low PR while I wait for an update.

    • Hi Sharon,

      actually you don’t have to wait for the page rank to happen.
      You can go ahead and buy existing blog on which already has a page-rank, or you can buy expired domain with page rank and authority, and to build a new site on it.
      This way you can start to work with advertisers immediately and not
      to wait for Google PR update.

      We hope this advice was useful for you.

      Thank you

  3. Hi Gadi and Tun,
    Congrats on your wedding! :)
    Cyprus sounds like a beautiful place to get married in.
    I’m a new blogger so if you ever roll out that blogging course, I’d love to join in and learn!

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