Our trip to Turkey – Azure sea of Fethiye.

Fethyie view from the sea

Fethyie view from the sea

One more place in Turkey, which we would like to tell about is a city of Fethiye  and its surroundings. As in most places in Turkey, area of Fethiye has its ancient history and ancient ruins as a result. The Lycian city Telmessos is located nearby, and it is one of the important cities of Lycian civilisation. So lovers of antiquities and history can find point of interest here. But we also want to tell about the modern city and the nature around.


Fethiye is a city on the Mediterranean coast and it  is a very popular tourist destination, especially among the Englishmen. Some of them even live here permanently. Many tourists visit here especially in the summer months, and it is obvious why- azure sea, sun, mountains covered with pine forests, lots of hotels of different levels, friendly locals, great food and low prices. In the town itself there is a small marina and long seafront, that good for walking, cycling, etc.


Seafront of Fethyie

Seafront of Fethyie

At its east part there is a popular touristic area with market and restaurants. Because of the large number of vessels, the swimming here is undesirable. Good beaches are located not far away in the town Ölüdeniz –  the place also is known as Blue lagoon. There is good connection between two places by frequent minibuses and taxi. The sea in the blue lagoon is always calm and clean. You will find many tourists’ bodies there, sprawled on the sunbeds, trying to absorb as much solar energy to save up for the upcoming cold European winter.

The part of the hiking trail known as ‘the Lycian Way’ passes near Fethiye.

Looking for good hotel to stay in,  we started from the shore, but the prices were too high. As we’ve expected, the  farther we looked from the shore, the lower was the price, and not at all in proportion. On the second street from the coast prices were almost two times lower, then on the shore itself.  We rented a room in a hotel on the hillside in the valley where there was a beautiful view of the Ölüdeniz bay. Turkish family owns the hotel,  and between the buildings they planted garden in which grow grapes, oranges, vegetables. Room and breakfast were very simple, but the atmosphere here was very nice and quiet .

Ölüdeniz view from the hotel

Ölüdeniz – view from our hotel

Ölüdeniz is famous among tourists as a popular place for paragliding. And indeed throughout the day the sky is filled with parachutes and happy tourists, who overcame fear look upon the azure sea and mountains from an altitude of 2,000 meters.

On the main street of Ölüdeniz is full of small shops and restaurants. After swimming in the sea  and catching the sun,  people gather here to enjoy the cool of the evening , dine delicious local specialties . One of these dishes is “Amphora kebab” – meat with vegetables is braised in a clay pot. In one of the restaurants the dish was served with traditional  music and applause from visitors of the restaurant  – the waiter in traditional costume holds a tray with a jar, with a lit fire. He slowly passes between the tables , and then serves it to your table.

Amphora kebab

Amphora kebab

Another popular attraction is the local yacht cruises. One of the most popular cruises here is considered a cruise on 12 islands. Beautiful islands, blue sea, the bright sun. Yacht moored off the coast, allowing passengers to swim and to jump from the top deck of the boat.

Mooring at one of the islands

Mooring at one of the islands


You can go swimming and snorkelling in clear water and  watch the fish swims in flocks. Then the anchor rises, motor makes a loud noise, water boils and yacht continues its path leaving a beautiful mark on flawlessly blue water surface.

 Where is it?

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  1. I have heard much of the Turquoise Coast in Turkey, but have yet to go … Fethiye will one of the places here I will definitely visit when the time comes!

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