7 Amazing Secret Islands And Cities That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

Everyone is looking for that perfect escape, one that is filled with adventure, tranquility, and peace. That can be hard to find in all of the “hot spots” around the world. With the endless visions of empty beaches and unaltered natural that lets you bypass the mainstream holiday destinations. Below are some of the most beautiful places around the world. Places that most people have only remote heard of, leaving an open and truly relaxing vacation.

Dunk Island, Australia

Dunk Island, Australia

Dunk Island is a small island off the cost Australia that has a reputation for being a “Coonanglebah”, Aborigines for “the island of peace and plenty”. Situated right off the Great Barrier Reef, Dunk Island offers incredible views and activities such as water-skiing, jet skis and of course snorkeling through the Reef itself.


If you are looking to get out of the water and still enjoy yourself, there are ancient rain-forests and beaches that have only been observed by others. Take a short stroll through the rain-forests up to the peak of Mt. Kootaloo and be gifted some of the most beautiful scenes from anywhere in the world.

Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia

Moving just across the way is another beautiful getaway in Whitsunday Island. If the tropical weather was not enough to inspire you to venture down under, know it has a little something for everyone. There are the tranquil spas to relax and enjoy, or company alike. Whitsunday also offers Great Barrier Reef tours for many of their visitors. Most resorts on the island are able to teach five day diving courses and you can be scuba diving through the reef instead within a week.

Whitehaven Beach,Australia

White Haven Beach,Australia

There are many other ways to enjoy the barrier reef, and one of the best is through the air. To think that the amazing coral arrangements are just as amazing from the air as they are from under the sea is amazing. Looking to be a little closer to the action without flying through the air? Whitsunday is an amazing sailing destination, and should be added in for anyone who is looking to bounce between islands across the coast of Australia.

Si Phan Don, Laos

Si Phan Don is not a set island or landmass to be awed, but, as the name translates into “Four Thousand Islands”. The islands are immaculate and beautiful, where many of them have only begun seeing aspects of the industrial revolution. Electricity has finally reached most areas throughout the islands, and tourism is the main benefactor of this addition. The industry mashes with the raw beauty that surrounds these islands though.

Sunset over the 4000 Islands

Sunset over the 4000 Islands

Book a Bungalow right off the beach, and you will understand why it has taken so long. The tropical weather does not alter much, and the escape from the electrical grid can drop more stress off of your shoulders than you may imagine.

Kars, Turkey

Kars, Turkey

Kars, Turkey

Here is a destination that captures beauty and wonder without the oceans. The entire area has a history that spans for centuries, and all of the buildings hold historical value it seems. Travel into the Old Kars district and visit Ani. Ani is a fortress city that was built in the tenth century. Built over one thousand years ago, the ruins of a once glistening capital hold beautiful architecture, from the Menucerh Mosque, the Seljuk Palace, and the Virgin Mary.

Galapagos Islands

Everyone has heard of the Galapagos Islands thanks to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but how many people actually think to visit the islands themselves. The Galapagos Islands are a small group of volcanic islands off of the coast of Ecuador, and hold just as much beauty today as they did almost two hundred years ago.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands hold some of the rarest animals in the planet. You could swim with the only equatorial penguins found anywhere across the globe. These islands are a refuge for anyone who is looking to fine tune their nature skills. The nineteen islands have not had the unfortunate interaction with humans (or a lot) as they still travel the islands without fear of natural predators.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is an area that is filled with history, mystery and amazement. Take any of the full day tours and see the ancient ruins of the Incas. There structures have withstood the harshness of time and still stand today. Visit the Cusco City and witness buildings that have lasted over one thousand years, and still retain just as much beauty and structure as they did in the past.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is not only for the history buffs, but for the adrenaline junkies alike. You can take half a day mountain biking through the Cusco Ruins, mixing a little history with excitement and energy. If that is not enough to satiate the fill, try canyoning down the Pisac Gorge, or rappelling done 100 meters.

Bay of Plenty, NZ

For those who are looking for the ultimate mixture of adventure and relaxation should visit the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. The Kiwis are lucky to have two incredibly different activities from Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, which are only five minutes apart. Climb Mount Maunganui and look out over the ocean, or look down onto the town itself for captivation views.

There are many different skydiving and bungee jumping adventures for those who are looking for some action, while the beaches are almost always filled with locals and the few tourists.

Bay of Plenty. New Zealand

Bay of Plenty. New Zealand

Relax and enjoy the late afternoon at the Mount Hot Salt Water Pools. How many places can you walk onto the beach with a shovel in hand and dig out your own hot tub for the evening. The pools are heated by natural volcanic vents, leaving the water a nice temperature to relax after a long day.

Some of the best travel destinations are the ones that are the least known. There, you can escape from all the chaos of living in a big city. The stress can melt off of one’s shoulders as they exit the plane on their destination.


Marshall Booth is a freelance writer who loves to write about travel locations, amazing Connecticut accommodations, and exotic expeditions. He also writes for Foxwoods Resort; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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