6 Travel Tips For Budget Honeymoon


Honeymooners are one of the most excited travellers. Because of the stress of the wedding, they’re almost ready to pack their bags and relieve the stress of the wedding preparation. If you just enjoyed the “I do’s” of your wedding and ready to enjoy your honeymoon, here are some tips on how you can make your honeymoon interesting and work within your budget

One of the biggest problems for couples is the budget. That’s understandable because majority of their expenses have been concentrated on the wedding. But fret not, because there are means and ways on how to travel on a budget. So, honeymooners listen up.


Be The Early Bird That Catches the Worm         

Caution! Do this only when you’re really really sure that you’re going to end up with your significant other; otherwise, your expenses will all go to waste. Since you’re planning your wedding, why not plan the honeymoon as well. One year is a long time to plan a wedding, which gives you sufficient opportunity to also book early bird travel packages. Airplane companies, hotel resorts, and other travel agencies offer 50% discounts when you book a travel package at least one year ahead of the intended date. So you can try that to save money.

Book for an All-Inclusive Travel Package

It’s your honeymoon; you deserve a much needed rest and recreation. So instead of separately booking everything from airfare, airport transfers, tours, hotel accommodation and other travel itineraries, why not book a comprehensive travel package that include all of these.

Use Phone Apps to Save on Calls

When you’re in your honeymoon, you may want to call friends or families and tell them about the trip you’re having. Instead of having to pay for phone call service, why not use phone applications that allow you to make free international calls. There are wifi calling app for the iphone and other gadgets that allows a user to do just that.

Beach Hop only on Nearby Islands

If a beach holiday is what you want, this usually involves island hopping. Go ahead! Take that trip; but if you’re travelling within a budget you may want to plan the islands you want to check out. Why not choose to island hop isles that are neighboring each other? This way, you’ll save money on boat fees and other charges.


Shop Airfare Tickets or Travel Packages at Travel Expos

This tactic will similarly earn you the benefits of booking for an early bird promo. Travel expos are known to offer a staggering 70% discount on travel packages and airfare prices. Wouldn’t that be great deal to have if you’re travelling within a budget? In fact this tactic can work for all kinds of travellers.

Travel to Places Where You Have Friends

If you have friends or families living in a tourist hot spot, why not choose to travel into that place? You can stay with them and even pot lock for food expenses. This way, you’ll save money on accommodation and food.These are just few of the travel tips you can consider when you’re travelling within a budget, honeymooners or not.

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